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Spring Tea

Tea Collection has consistently remained one of my favorite children’s clothing lines since I began dressing my little ones.

With cosmopolitan inspirations that are sweet and stylish, and high quality materials and construction, their designs are always a standout.  I also appreciate that while the outstanding quality places it a little out of my budget for the every day wardrobe for my kids, it is still affordable enough for an occasion outfit for my kids or to stock up on end of season sales for the next year.

For Spring 2011, Tea Collection turned to Catalonia for its inspiration–especially the Spanish Art Nouveau movement known as Modernisme.

You’ll find lovely tile patterns and a relaxed style in their children’s clothing collections for both genders, plus lots of lovely florals, ruffles and embroidery in the girls’ clothing collection. My daughter prefers pink, so we selected these two gorgeous dresses for her, the Rose Tile Ruffle Twirling Dress and the Dragonfly Wrap Dress:

I love the style elements, including the deconstructed, raw exposed seams in the twirly dress and the faux wrap on the dragonfly dress.

My personal preference is towards the bolder, graphic elements, so if it weren’t for her preference for pink, I probably would choose the El Palau Tile Shift Dress (which looks like something Project Runway’s Mondo might have designed), the Picasso-inspired Songbird Flutter Sleeve Layered Dress, or the Plumas Scalloped Dress.

My son picked out a trio of graphic t-shirts, the Sagrada Familia Tee (architecture and construction trucks so we’re both ecstatic), Goril, and the Picasso-esque Guitarra:

The pumpkin, avocado, and kelly green palette in the boys’ clothing collection makes for a sophisticated and fun color scheme for the spring.

Enjoy a little tea in the garden or at the beach!

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4 Responses to "Spring Tea"

  1. Lori Z. says:

    I hate Tea Collection because I find 99% of their clothes beautiful and after I make a purchase, I spend too much time drooling over the items I didn’t get them.

  2. Lauren says:

    Do you happen to still have te sagrada familia tee in your possession, by any chance?
    I have been searching and cannot find one anywhere!
    Please help!

  3. Tara says:

    Do you happen to have the Rose Tile Twirling Dress, or know where I could find one?!

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