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A Fundraiser in the Best of Taste

Want to make your next school fundraiser something meaningful instead of the usual “buy a ton of junk so you don’t have to torture your friends and neighbors guilt fest?”

Equal Exchange Fundraising offers organic and fairly traded foods, beautiful fairly traded gifts and recycled (tree-free!) cotton gift wrap. You can build your own community organization while supporting sustainability in communities around the globe.

And you can connect the classroom and the fundraising campaign–Equal Exchange Fundraising has a free, downloadable, interdisciplinary curriculum to facilitate learning about the food chain, fair trade, global economics, and human rights .

Equal Exchange Fundraising is earth and people friendly–100% organic & Fair Trade. In addition to Equal Exchange’s unique green gift wrap, the fundraiser features delicious coffees, teas, chocolates, cocoas, healthy snacks, and items from Ten Thousand Villages such as silk scarves from Nepal, tablecloths and jewelry from India, and batik greeting cards from Thailand.

With Equal Exchange fair-trade fundraisers, you can grow you education budget while teaching your values.

WANT IT: For more information on fundraising with Equal Exchange for your school or organization, sign-up for a FREE fundraising kit here:

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