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The Newest Must-Have Summer Read for Moms Utilizing Social Media

Digital Mom Handbook

With a combined total of five young children, two careers, four blogs, and dozens of regular clients, Debbie and I have searched hard for work-life-family balance.

We both admire Colleen Padlla of and Audrey McCelland of for the paths they have trail-blazed, finding a way to be simultaneously successful in the family world and the working world, all from their dining room tables! New mothers can put years of hard work spent in the corporate world to good use, utilizing their skills through social media.

Audrey and Colleen have blogged, vlogged, Tweeted and Facebooked their way to achieving the perfect balance between the thrill of having a career and the joy of motherhood. Thankfully for the rest of us, they are sharing their “secrets to success” in their new upcoming book entitled The Digital Mom Handbook. The handbook will provide new moms, or more experienced ones looking to get back to work, with tips about how to pursue a career with social media. Whether it’s starting your own blog, tweeting about the latest mommy gear or creating a facebook page about a local family-friendly or fabulous mom-centered event, there are plenty of ways to utilize social media to keep your career going!

We’re proud to be among the online moms quoted and highlighted in this new book and wanted to pass along the exciting news!

Can’t wait to hear about the secrets to the lucrative world of social media? The book is available for preorder via Amazon through July 25th. The tech savvy mom-authors also have a special campaign running with HarperCollins that gives everyone who preorders the book online a code for an exclusive webinar with the dynamic duo!

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