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Eco Friendly Lunches

Packing a lunch is one of the easiest ways to save money and be eco-friendly. You can choose healthful foods to bring with you and can assure that you’re always excited for lunch. Whether you want to start a new diet, look for ways to save money or simply are ready to make a change, packing a lunch for the day is a smart decision. It doesn’t have to limit you when it comes to being social during lunch hour, you could even inspire others to bring their lunches as well!

Abe’s Market has a huge selection of possibilities for those looking to start packing their lunches.

  1. Dressing-Up Your Lunch!- The container in which you bring your lunch must be durable, but you also don’t want to look completely out of fashion either. The Lunchsense Lunchboxes come in sizes small, medium and large and are colorful and a great option! However, if you’d rather err on the side of style, you could make the choice to go with eco tote lunchette bag. This bag even comes with it’s own reuseable napkins, for extra comfort that you’re making an eco friendly choice.
  2. Eliminate Plastic- One of the biggest dilemmas that comes with being eco conscious when packing your own lunch is the overuse of plastic in the form of bags that usually must ensue. One way to avoid this would be to purchase a square sandwich container or Eco Ditty sandwich and snack bags. These options are money saving in the long run and offer a great option for somebody who packs their lunch on a daily basis.
  3. Finger Foods and Beyond- The only thing worse than being concerned because you’re constantly flying through and throwing away boxes of plastic utensils is the fear that you’ll lose your good kitchen silverware. The easiest solution is to purchase cheap yet reusable utensils. There are a variety of options with varying style and longevity, but a fairly reliable option would be to go with a bamboo set. To take it a step further, you could lessen your carbon footprint even further by investing in bamboo plates. If you are for some reason opposed to bamboo, there are still options such as a corn utensil set. By packing foods with your reusable containers, or getting creative with your food choices and packing foods easily eaten with your fingers, you can feel good about enjoying your lunch.
  4. Organic, Light and Gluten Friendly Choices- One of the biggest annoyances in carrying a lunch with you while you go through your day is the weight of all that food. To circumvent this issue, consider packing fresh fruits and vegetables and making your main course of the “just add water” or freeze dried variety. Options could include soup mix or even a light picnic version of a meal, such as GoPinic Salmon and Crackers. If you want to make sure you’re only eating the healthiest or most organic options, the brand Annie’s always has a wide variety of choices such as theirmacaroni and cheese or some bunny grahams.

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