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Stay Rear-Facing Longer: Britax Advocate 70 CS Review and Giveaway!

Saying a baby product is “a life saver” is a cliche but in the case of Britax car seats, it is the literal truth. I accidentally crash-tested our children’s Britax car seats a couple of years ago and, thankfully, the children emerged without a scratch.

Later, I visited Britax’s factory and saw how dedicated they are to keeping our children safe. From their product development, personnel training, quality control, and even their marketing, safety is their number one priority. Britax wants to know how they can get parents to use car seats correctly, first and foremost.

As part of their commitment to safety, Britax is offering one Britax Advocate 70 CS as a giveaway to our readers and will also donate one seat to Babby Buggy. Founded by Jessica Seinfeld, Baby Buggy is a not-for-profit dedicated to providing families in need with essentials for their children aged 0-12.

Rear-Facing Until At Least 2 Years Old

Britax sent me the Britax Advocate 70 CS, a convertible car seat that can rear face from 5lbs to a whopping 40 lbs (perfect given the new AAP guidelines to keep children rear-facing until at least 2 years old) and forward face up to 70 lbs.

Since my two youngest are big boys (one was almost 10 lbs at birth and the other was over 10 lbs), it is important to me to have seats with high weight limits. My 1 year old is is 25 lbs and I will be able to continue keeping him rear-facing to at least 2 years old.

So you can start using the Advocate 70 CS from birth, they sell an infant positioning insert for the car seat–a better option than after-market products that have not been tested by the company.

With those weight limits and the Britax “next generation” car seat service life of seven years, Britax seats are a good investment.

Protect the Head

The most important part of the body to protect is the head and neck. Britax has made a number of innovations to improve head and neck protection.

At the Britax factory, I learned that one of the biggest risks is the forward movement of the seat and child during a crash. This video is a pretty amazing introduction to some of their safety features.

Britax has developed SafeCell Technology, integrated steel bars, and Energy-Absorbing Versa Tether, to keep the seat put and your child safe.

The most deadly crashes for children are side-impact so Britax has also made innovations to protect the head in these accidents. The Advocate 70 CS features “True Side Impact Protection” and “Side Impact Cushion Technology”.

Ease of Use

I am not an engineer, though I know that Britax is the industry leader according to the real safety experts. What I am is a mom who wants to keep her children safe. Britax told me that “everything is a safety feature” and they make a lot of sense. If a seat is easy to install and use properly, I am more likely to use it correctly and safely.

Britax has a number of self-check features that make me confident that I am using the seat correctly and also make me more comfortable sending my kids off with other trusted adults.

Even my older kids, ages 5 and 3, know that they are strapped in correctly when they hear the click of the “Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator”.

You can even take these seats on a plane. We love to travel but finding safe seats can be difficult if you need to call a taxi cab at your destination. Bringing a seat can be a little challenging but it will keep your child safer on the plane and you will not have to stress about finding a cab with the correct seats.

We can also adjust the shoulder height of the harness on the Britax Advocate CS 70 without removing the straps.

The more comfortable we can make our children, the more safely I can drive.

WANT IT: Find the Britax Advocate 70 CS ($370) everywhere Britax is sold, including Amazon.

WIN IT: Britax is giving away one Britax Advocate 70 CS (ARV $380), pattern subject to availability, to a lucky Mamanista reader.

To enter, leave a separate comment for each method of entry:

  • First, mandatory entry: In the comments, share a memorable moment from your car travels with your kids–funny, frustrating, or heartwarming!
  • Optional additional entries: Share this contest on your blog or any public profile for any social network where you are allowed to do so–up to once a calendar day. Leave the permalink URL for your post or status update as your website in your comment. Leave a separate comment for each entry. Sample tweet: Enter 2 #win @Mamanista – @Britax Advocate 70 CS convertible car seat w/ advanced safety technology! #contest

Contest Ends 11:59 PM EST, June 11, 2012. Winner chosen at random. US Shipping Only.

Disclosure: Winner chosen randomly using “…And the Winner Is” plugin. My daughter’s first convertible car seat, purchased with my own money, was a Britax. Since then, I have worked with Britax on several reviews of car seats. As of June 2010, I am a member of the Britax Blogger Advisory Board. I do not receive any monetary compensation from Britax. My opinions are always my own.

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Candace is the co-editor and co-founder of Mamanista. She is an educational consultant and writer.

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199 Responses to "Stay Rear-Facing Longer: Britax Advocate 70 CS Review and Giveaway!"

  1. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    Our most memorable trip was our first vacation to Disney World. Just seeing the kids light up whenever they would see a character and everyone was happy!

  2. LaTanya says:

    A memorable moment is when I went to take my son out of his carseat to had him to his daddy (we had a two car door then), I sat him in my lap waiting to had him over. When I handed him over, I noticed that he had a blowout in diaper and I looked down at my dress and it was all over my dress. I still had to go to work. That made for quite an interesting day.

  3. ewhatley says:

    Some of the most memorable moments with kids in cars are motion sickness when they don’t make it out of the car before their lunch makes it out of their stomach!!

  4. Pauline M says:

    My son had finally gotten out of his car seat and into his booster seat and we were in the drive thru of our credit union and unknown to me, he had managed to wiggle out of his booster. The next thing I knew, he had scooted up and was rubbing his hands through my hair. I jumped from the shock and turned around ready to yell about the dangers of what he did and instead I asked him what he was doing and he informed me that he was looking for the eyes in the back of my head! :) I couldn’t stop laughing!

  5. Shirley Hicks says:

    I am a grandmother,and I am always amazed and frustrated at the car seats now days…..back when my children were babys you just put them in and a simple snap(not as safe as the ones now,im sure) but now with each grandchild having a different brand of carseat..i always feel like im working puzzle just to figure out the buckles

  6. Natalie Shmigelsky says:

    6/10 Tweet –
    nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  7. Dana J Valle says:

    I remember we drove across country when my daughter was about 3 months old. She pretty much slept the entire way there and back. I was surprised but also relieved.

  8. Jenn M says:

    My most memorable car trip was bringing my son home from the hospital. Unsure of everything:)

  9. anne s. says:

    i remember when my son undressed himself in the car while seat belted. what a talent!
    annsavd at gmail dot com

  10. clynsg says:

    Many years ago, a friend who had no children (and said she never wanted any) and I drove back to out home states together for a vacation. We had been in college together and just happened to become employed at the same place and she decided that she would take the chance on traveling by car with kids, although she was worried she wouldn’t be able to ‘take’ it. The girls were about 1 1/2 and 8 at the time, and behaved just as you would expect (this was before all the electronic gadgets to help keep them entertained that are available now). But she did say that she was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t want to slaughter both of them and me by the end of the trip–although I noticed she never attempted to do it again. That might have been because I took another position and moved the next year though. We lost track of each other, and I have no idea if she was permanently traumatized by the experience, or whether she decided maybe having some children wouldn’t be the end of the world!

  11. jessica h says:

    my daughter loves to sing. She is 3 and is pretty good at the words. But I love just listening to her sing in the car.

  12. Rachel Ellis says:

    My most memorable moment involving the car seat happened a few months ago. We were getting ready to go visit my dad and after getting my 9 year old and my infant (in his carrier) out to the car we realized the base was in the wrong vehicle. When my hubby went to put the base in he couldn’t get it to level. It ended up taking him 15 minutes and a lot of curse words to get it in correctly. During that whole time the baby was sitting in his carrier next to the car letting us know how unhappy he was with the situation and the 9 year old was complaining. Oh the joys of traveling!

  13. Rachel Ellis says:


  14. Natalie Shmigelsky says:

    Tweet –
    nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  15. Erica C. says:

    I don’t have any car travel stories yet!

  16. Dawn Reid says:

    When we were traveling and got a flat tire, my little guy said its okay Mommy daddy will pay someone to fix it.

  17. Deborah Hogue says:

    We were taking a drive out of town and my youngest daughter started her story: When she was in head start, they decided
    to go swimming, and she was the best swimmer of all.After they
    got done swimming that had ice cream and cookies. Well, of course, since this was her “story” she got the hoojest cookie
    and the hoojest ice cream because she was the best swimmer.
    I humored her with her story until we got to the word Hooje (huge), so I told her that she meant Huge. “That’s what I said momma, hooje” No baby girl it’s Huge. Well after several attempts to get her to pronounce the word correctly, she turned around and looked at me and said “Momma, let’s just call it big” That brought a chuckle from all of us and from then on we just called it big.

  18. colleen says:

    When my daughter was younger and we drove to florida she saw a car with a carrier on top and she insisted it was a car wearing a hat.

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