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BigJigs® Fairy Town Train Set

I’ve been impressed recently by the toy market’s commitment to reversing typical child gender roles. Last year, for example, Corolle released a green and blue toy baby stroller for little boys to push around. I’m a firm believer that children should be able and encouraged to play with whichever toys they’re drawn to; whether it’s a little girl wanting to play with trucks, or a little boy wanting to play with baby dolls. It’s great to see toy manufacturers re-releasing previously gender-typed products, with the other gender in mind.

BigJig® Toys is keeping up the good work and putting out a 75-piece toy train set designed in true girly-girl fashion.  The Fairy Town Train Set combines fairies, whimsical wood landscaping, magical houses, and fit-for-royalty carriages.

BigJigs® consistently produces awesome toys, (all of the classic train sets are everyday favorites in my house), and this pink and purple dreamscape won’t disappoint any little girls (or boys) out there.

BigJigs®, of course, features their 30-day money back guarantee on this set. The Fairy Town Train Set isn’t available yet, but it is available for pre-order here.

This toy is safe for children 3+.

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