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Disney’s John Carter 3D Blu-Ray Review

Disney recently sent me a copy of their John Carter Blu-Ray, in 3D. As I hadn’t seen the movie in theatres, I was excited to watch it at home and see what kind of movie magic can happen with a $250 million+ budget!

Disney took on the very daunting task of adapting sci-fi icon Edgar Rice Burroughs’ 1917 novel, A Princess of Mars. There’s no way around it, this plot-line is very complicated. My 4 year old enjoyed the visual effects, but he wasn’t able to understand all of the narrative nuances.

That said, watching it in 3D made John Carter a MUST SEE. It was truly an amazing visual experience. I own a 3D television, which enabled us to watch the 3D Blu-Ray at home. Along with Avatar and Tron, John Carter is one of our favorite 3D movies based on quality of the imagery.

Have any of you seen John Carter? What were your thoughts?

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