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Tea with Marie Grace at the American Girl Place

For Christmas, my amazing sister-in-law gave my daughter an American Girl Doll, Marie Grace. My daughter had been requesting an American Girl Doll for the last year after seeing one at show-and-tell but I held off because of her young age and because, honestly, I was never into dolls as a child!

I recognize, however, all the fun and growth that can come from playing with dolls. From toddlers learning compassion or getting ready for a new sibling to older children practicing social graces and exploring other cultures and times in history, dolls are an important part of many children’s lives. Marie-Grace has turned out to be a perfect gift for my daughter.  We have been avidly reading the adventures of Marie-Grace and her best friend, Cecile, and learning about 19th century New Orleans. Beyond her pink dress and fairy Mardi Gras ball costume, Marie-Grace also sparks discussions about the nature of friendship, trying new experiences, having a giving nature, and doing what is right. And the friendship between Cecile and Marie-Grace has allowed me to answer some of my daughter’s questions about inequality and racism in an age-appropriate way.

So, I was thrilled when my sister-in-law invited my daughter and Marie-Grace to tea at American Girl Place. What a fun opportunity to bond with Aunt and Grandma and enjoy a “big girl” day out in the city! Although I was not along for the trip, I enjoyed seeing the photographs and hearing all about the experience!

The dolls were placed in chairs while the girls were shown to their tables. I checked out the menu online and it is filled with all manner of tasty treats, each named in honor of one of the doll characters.

My daughter really enjoyed the specialness of the tea out with her grandma and aunt and the treat of bringing along her favorite doll.

I know that some older girls collect these dolls and keep them in pristine condition but I think it is wonderful that my daughter has an American Girl Doll while she is young enough to embrace pretend play.

My daughter loved being able to take home the sweet little tea set for Marie-Grace as well as the memory of the day with her aunt and grandma.

This isn’t even Marie-Grace’s only social outing. My daughter’s classmate had a doll tea party birthday and Marie-Grace got dolled-up in an anachronistic modern sun dress and sandals to enjoy the fun.

So, I guess you can say this former tom boy is convinced! As long as she makes my daughter smile like that, Marie-Grace is a welcome part of our home!

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6 Responses to "Tea with Marie Grace at the American Girl Place"

  1. We are big fans of American Girl Dolls. It’s like a right of passage for a girl to get her very first AG doll.

    So glad your daughter loved her doll.

  2. Lara says:

    I took my now 13 year old daughter to tea at The Cafe in Times Square for her 9th birthday. She STILL keeps a picture of that tea on her desk. It was one of the most wonderful bonding times we’d ever had. Not to mention the food. My word, that place has got to be the best kept secret in Manhattan! Inexpensive, tasty and haute.

  3. She looks so happy! And the tea with Grandma is just too precious.

  4. Holy wow, how cool is that!?! Too cute.

  5. Elly says:

    Excuse me, but your daughter is too young to have an American Girl doll, unless her hair is short. And it’s good that some people keep their A.G. dolls in “pristine’ condition because eventually, that doll’s hair is going to become a disaster, and then your going to have to spend a lot of money to get her good again.

  6. Emily says:

    I never understand why some people FREAK out that AG dolls have messy hair. If the girl plays with it and has good memories of it then the toy is a sucess!

    If older girls want to keep their dolls in pristine condition then good for them… but I love watching my daughter play with her doll. Messy hair and all.

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