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5 Tips to Score the Best Deals Online

There is nothing quite as comfortable as shopping from your own couch. Online shopping has become a huge convenience over the past few years as more and more stores have websites that are easy to navigate and offer everything that brick and mortar stores do. It even has become quite common for online stores to offer just as many sales and clearance events! Make sure you’re always getting the best online deals and saving as much money as possible with these tips:

1. Look for sites that offer a variety of brands
When you go to a website of a single company, you’re there because of the name brand or because they have something unique to offer. By looking into options on sites that offer a multitude of brands,you see the best options at the best prices. I have scored some of the cutest, cheapest boots on Zappos!

2. Sign up for newsletters to get the best deals emailed to you
Companies are always looking to add people to their mailing lists. They will send you sales information and the best deals they have to offer to increase their customer base. You can be sure that when you’re on a company’s newsletter, you’ll never miss a bargain. Location can also affect which deals are offered to you – for example, there are exclusive discounts for Canada that you can make sure not to miss when it comes to shipping and browsing. I get newsletters for stores that I sometimes forget to check out and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see they’re having half off or clearance sales!

3. When going to online check out, do a quick Google search for coupon codes
Oftentimes, some great deals can be found by Googling “coupon codes for …”. Perseverance could save you $10 or 15% on your total and you’ll be happy you took the extra 3 minutes to see what was out there. There are even specific sites that have coupons and promotion codes for hundreds of online stores and guarantee to give you the best codes for checkout. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars over the years with this quick search.

4. Get deals with used or second hand items
If somebody has used an item or piece of equipment for a very short period or time, it can no longer be classified as ‘new’. However, this doesn’t take into account the lack of wear and tear on the item and frequently, you can get something for almost-new at a very cheap price! You can find these most commonly on eBay or Amazon and save yourself a good chunk of change.

5. Shop out of season
Especially when it comes to clothing, the best time to shop is at a time of year when you don’t necessarily need it. Although this takes a lot of forethought and planning, the best deals can be found on snow clothes in July or camping equipment in January. Buying things at the exact moment you need them usually means you’ll pay an arm and a leg – so find those bargains ahead of time! Last summer I got a long winter parka for only $30 and I know it was more than worth it.

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