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Fun with Floam! Crafting a Pencil Holder

My kids and I love to craft. Playdoh is always big in our house.  We came across Floam thanks to Mamanista and couldn’t wait to see what we could create. Floam is a reusable molding compound that will keep you and your children creating endless possibilities for hours! Mold your floam into anything you can visualize then transform it into something else. “Roll it, mold it, cover it — that’s the way you Floam it.” Floam comes in many different colors.  While it is messier than play doh, we also found it to be easier to mold. Be sure to use a plastic mat or wax paper to make cleanup easier.

First we rolled and flattened the floam in order to prep it.  Flattening in out helped us to see that we completely prepped it.  Do not skip this step or the floam wont stick correctly.  Its like making dough, tons of fun!

During the prep stage my daughter and I discussed what we should create with the floam.  She had recently gotten a desk for her room and wanted to make a pencil holder for it. Using a cup as the base, she wrapped it in floam.  She created a rim using a different color and made decorations for it with the remaining colors.


You can let the floam dry out and harden to keep your creation or the floam can be put back into its container for use again and again.  We loved how it came out so we left it out overnight and it dried perfectly. We can’t wait to make our next creation with floam!




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