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Project Runway s10 e3: Red-Carpet Runner-Ups

Like last week, I agree with the auf and didn’t have a real issue with the winner but felt like the middle contestants are more interesting and worthy of discussion.

Exhibit A: Dmitry Sholokhov and Melissa Fleis for April Johnston

If ever there was a perfect match-up, it was this trio. Their sensibilities meld almost perfectly. Amazingly, the resulting garment had nary a thread of black (aside from the accessories).

Space princess may not be my aesthetic but this was the most interesting garment on the runway. At least they didn’t default to goth gown.

This is not perfect…but it is ably enough done considering time constraints and there is a fluid elegance to it.

Too bad they couldn’t bring some of the drama they had in the back to the front–that might have propelled them to the win.

Also, can I just say that Dmitry is shaping up to be my surprise favorite this season?

And, no…it isn’t just because he is cute and from Belarus and, thanks to Lord & Taylor and Lifetime Moms I got to meet him…though those things don’t hurt. He shares a technical fluency with Ven but his work has a charm and heat to it that Ven’s, so far, have lacked. #TeamDmitry


Sonjia Williams and Nathan Paul for Valerie Mayen

Yes, this is a standard red carpet look and, yes…the fabric is doing most of the work. Still, it is a whole lot better executed than Gunnar and Kooan’s.

The stills just don’t do justice to the way this moved on her. I like the chevron detail on the back and think this might have been even better if they had just a touch more time.

Buffi Jashanmal and Elena Slivnyak for Laura Bennett

Despite all the drama between Buffi and Elena, this was a solid middle-of-the-road entry. This is not a bad idea and it shows that Elena is capable of softening her aesthetic to meet the challenge without losing herself. However, this is NOT a good dress for Laura. Laura + Black + Evening Gown should equal chic. Laura is a gorgeous, tall woman with a classic, elegant style. This was too fussy and voluminous on a woman of her stature and maturity.

And the styling exacerbates the issue. Laura should be: Chic. Classic. Clean.

Really, it is too bad the two couldn’t better collaborate. Elena was apparently raised by wolves in the dark forests of the Ukraine (my Papa’s homeland, incidentally), where no one has time for niceties like “please” and “thank you.” Buffi, on the other hand, is throwing a non-stop party in her hair. If the two of them could have stopped fighting long enough to talk, this could have been a lot more successful.

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