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How to Relieve Teething Pain

My little teething baby– always chewing on something!

While babies are the ones teething, I think that parents suffer during teething as well. Both of my children started teething early, and it was frustrating to see them in pain and exhausting to wake up numerous times a night to soothe a cranky baby.

Teething can throw off your baby’s sleep schedule and eating habits. Some babies will eat more, but others will eat less. Some babies will want to drink or nurse constantly. Others don’t. Every baby is different, which can make it harder for mom to know how to soothe or help.

Teethers are of huge importance throughout the teething process (which takes about two years all-together). Putting pressure on the gums can alleviate some discomfort, which is why teething babies always want something to gnaw on whether it’s a hand, a thumb, a teether or (ouch!) mom. Finding a teether that works can seem elusive because your baby’s preference will change as he progresses through different teething stages.

With my first baby, I spent a lot of money trying different teethers only to find he didn’t like most of them. With my second baby, I was fortunate enough to receive a complete set of MAM Teethers. MAM has designed many different kinds of teethers, inspired by the time-line of the teething process. (Click here for more info on teething stages.) Each of the teethers is unique in size and function to best accommodate your baby as they progress through the different stages.

My babies were both early teethers. My second baby had 20 teeth by his 1st dentist appointment, which we scheduled around his first birthday. He has used every MAM teether available, and he loved them. The line ranges from  The Starter & Clip (which attaches to your baby’s clothes for easy access) to the Mini Cooler (meant to be refrigerated, as the cold will help to numb your baby’s gums, and small enough to reach back molars), to the Bite & Brush (which has soft bristles to clean those first teeth in the front of the mouth), to the full-size MAM Cooler (which my 18 month old still likes to chew on), to the ultimate teether/toy combo: The Twister! The Twister is easy to hold, has cooling elements, makes the sound of a rattle, and has vibrantly colorful rings, which babies can twist and play with.

These MAM teethers really are some of the best on the market and are affordable enough for you to purchase extras. My baby’s favorites were the Bite & Brush (which he used for months until all four of his front teeth can in) and the MAM Cooler (which he used while his molars and back teeth were growing in). I used the MAM Starter & Clip for trips in the stroller and the car, and it was a blessing not having to reach to the floor of my car to find baby’s dropped teether!

Want It: You can find MAM products in stores or online at MAM products are available at Amazon, and BabiesRUs and other leading retailers. Follow MAM on Twitter @mambaby for more information or “Like” MAM on Facebook.


Disclosure: I am a MAM Brand Ambassador. I received samples and compensation to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are my own, and I did purchase and use MAM bottles, teethers, pacifiers and oral care products with my children  before I was selected as a Brand Ambassador.

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