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You’re Invited to the Ball! Cinderella: Diamond Edition

Is there any fairy tale that has captured the popular imagination more than Cinderella? We all like a good “Cinderella Story”–someone who beats the odds and builds a better life. There are Cinderella tales in almost every culture and time.

Disney’s Cinderella is another one for the ages and, now that it is out in a Diamond Edition (as of midnight, yesterday), I can share the magic with my kids.

The adults had forgotten just how charming and funny the movie is. Of course, we all remember the fairy godmother, with her Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and the magical coach. We had forgotten how big a part Gus Gus and his mice friends play in Cinderella’s adventure.

Some adults may focus on the “happily ever after” fairy tale, but I see a young woman who works hard, believes in herself, and is loyal to her friends. She dreams big and her fairy godmother comes through with a little bit of magic.

The colors are vivid and the images are sharp. Plus, there is bonus material: “The Real Fairy Godmother” the incredible true story of Mary Alice O’Conner who was the inspiration for the character of the Fairy Godmother, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-You” a second screen personalized digital storybook, and more–making this DVD a must-have for Disney lovers.

And the fun doesn’t stop once the movie is over. You can find recipes, crafts, puzzles, and more at Disney!

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