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I See Me in a Personalized Pirate Adventure Book

We have several personalized books for my daughter but none for our sons so my older boy was delighted when My Very Own Pirate Tale, personalized with his name, arrived from I See Me.

This charming book centers on a pirate captain’s search for a new first mate. Sea creatures suggest qualities the perfect candidate should possess–and the first letter of the sea creature’s name and the character trait help spell out your child’s name. Each of the personality traits encourages pro-social development.

You can actually preview the entire book with a sample name on I See Me–so you’ll know what you’re getting.

My Very Own Pirate Tale

Lively and vivid illustrations will capture any child’s imagination. And I appreciate the educational value of the “Sea Animal Encyclopedia” in the back of the book. There is quite a variety of sea life to learn about.

There are two creatures per letter but if your child has three of the same letter in his or her name, there will be a repeat. The name and the inscription in the beginning are the extent of the personalization but the name is the main point of the book.

My son is just learning to read, spell, and write, and he was delighted to discover that he is the perfect first mate for the pirate captain. He was even more thrilled when the captain said at the end that he should be a captain of his own ship. The smile on his face told me that this is a real keepsake treasure for a special little child in your life.

WANT IT: My Very Own Pirate Tale is available on I See Me for $33. I See Me sometimes offers specials on Facebook.

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