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VINCI Tablet and Full Learning System Review

We live in a technological age, and many of the Must Have gifts for the people in our lives are gadgets. Kids included! Many kids are looking for mp3 players, iPads and other devices to listen to music on or play games.  Thankfully, there are more and more electronic gifts that serve an educational purpose, and we can look forward to handing them over to our children.

Our family recently had the opportunity to try out the VINCI Tablet. This device is a tablet-based learning system powered by Android, and integrates the latest mobile technology.  The best part? It is a tablet for toddlers!

The VINCI Tablet uses the VINCI curriculum, which is designed specifically for the intellectual development of toddlers. Some of the growth aspects include: thinking skills, social understanding, emotional understanding, language, literacy, math skills and more.  The aim of the curriculum is to take kids from “Curious” to “Confident” to “Capable.”

My 18 month old loves the VINCI tablet. He uses it for 5-10 minutes a day, generally when he sees his older brother playing on the iPad. The tablet has great parental controls, and comes ready with age-appropriate apps for children ages 18 months and up. The apps are simple and educational (such as a piano or drum app, a Farm app , apps that teach new words, etc). The design of the VINCI tablet is clearly geared toward young kids: easy to hold and durable!

WIth the holidays approaching, this would absolutely be a perfect gift for a toddler or preschooler in your life. For more information, go to

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  1. Dan Yang says:

    Thanks for sharing! So glad your 18 month old loves it. I recommend to follow more or less the VINCI Curriculum structure and get the best out of the time your baby spends on VINCI. For example, besides picking up vocabulary with apps such as Farm, Land and Sea, be sure to guide him to pose so to have time to start thinking. The music apps at this level helps to develop listening and concentration skills, which is essential for studying later in schools. By 24 month your baby should be able to understand really well the quantity 1 and 2 by giving you requested strawberries-level 1 exercises are meant to help. If he can do 3, he’d be ahead of the curve. Using VINCI apps to observe what is your baby’s particular talent (language, logic reasoning, artistic, etc..) would be another agenda built in the curriculum structure. Enjoy!

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