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New App for Kids: Peppa Pig Happy Mrs. Chicken

Peppa Pig’s new Happy Mrs. Chicken App keeps my son happy with it’s cute games and characters based on the popular TV show Peppa Pig.

The Happy Mrs. Chicken App was created by P2 Games for children under 7 and incorporates 6 interactive games including the fun new bonus sticker book. All the familiar music and sounds of Peppa Pig bring the cartoon to life for my young son who enjoys clicking, tapping and dragging to play each game.

Peppa Pig App

The large graphic MENU allows my son to easily pick among the options to find his favorite activities.

Peppa Pig App Games

CHICKEN COOP is a sorting game where my son can learn his colors by sorting the chickens into the right houses.

Peppa Pig App Game 1

The SEED AND MAZE game has six different levels for all ages. A little chicken follows the line of feed left by my son’s finger touch-dragging a line of chicken feed through the maze.
Peppa Pig App Maze

In the HAPPY MRS CHICKEN game, we  watch the little Mrs. lay her eggs. The eggs hatch and chickies scurry off to each side of the screen!

Peppa Pig App Games

In the brand new JIGSAW GAME, we pick from several size puzzles with varying numbers of pieces (six, nine and twelve). My son drags each piece into place with a simple swipe of his pointer finger.

Peppa Pig App Puzzle

MUDDY PUDDLES makes for a clean mess of fun. We giggle as we tap the puddles together and watch Peppa and his friends jump.

Peppa Pig

The bonus STICKER BOOK has 2 NEW sticker Scenes and lots of stickers to unlock. We make up scenarios together as we make the characters talk to each other like I did with real sticker books when I was a kid!

Peppa Pig app sticker book


We love the new Peppa app, especially when we can play together. My son taps, I giggle. I tap and play, my son giggles. We enjoy lots of Peppa fun with all the games.

AVAILABLE NOW from the Apple App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. 

(Disclosure: I received a gift code to try the app with my children. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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2 Responses to "New App for Kids: Peppa Pig Happy Mrs. Chicken"

  1. Nicola says:

    My daughter LOVES this app, bur she’s upset because she can’t play all the other Peppa Pig apps. I’ve set up a Facebook page to petition for them ALL to be brought to the US!

  2. amy says:

    Peppa Pig is a huge hit in our house, so my kids love this app, too! The muddy puddles game is their favourite.

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