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Soaring on Wings of Imagination

Douglas Dreamy Dress Up Wings

My kids love to dress-up with wings. My daughter likes to pretend to be a butterfly or fairy. Unfortunately, most fairy wings are made of a nylon stocking material on a wire frame and tend to tear. They are also bulky to store.

My son likes to be a dragon but the best (at a reasonable price) were some small bat wings.

So, I was pretty excited to hear about the Douglas Dreamy Dress-Up Wings. They are made of a more durable fabric, easily get put away with dress-up clothes, and have plenty of beautiful options for both girls and boys, including butterfly, fairy, bat, parrot, and dragon dress-up wings.

Douglas Dress Up Fairy Butterfly Dragon Wings

Douglas Dress Up Fairy Butterfly Dragon Wings 2

Douglas Dragon Wings for Dress-Up

The wings are put on with elastic straps that go around the arms like a backpack and then there are smaller straps at the end that go around a finger.

My kids love twirling around in the wings and they are definitely passing the play test. Dress-up and pretend play are an important part of child development. This sort of play stretches the imagination, encourages cooperation, and gives kids a safe space to work out their emotions. I love to watch the games they come up with.

WANT IT: Dreamy Dress-Up Wings are available directly from Douglas, on Amazon, or at your local toy store!

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