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Monster High Viewing Party

Monster High recently gave my daughters an opportunity to host a viewing party for their all new Monster High Freaky Fabulous Double Feature.

The first feature is the movie Friday Night Frights. The girls absolutely loved how the female characters came to the rescue of the boys and won the skate match. The second feature Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love made for the perfect show since our party was right around Valentine’s Day!  Cupid was making people fall in love. Now two guys are out for Draculaura’s heart as she celebrates her Sweet 1600 with friends. All the kids got a kick out of Cupids playing matchmaker and thought it was funny.  They also liked how true love and friendship won in the end.  As a mom, I appreciate all of the life lessons hidden in these movies in a fun filled, action packed plot.

The party itself was a huge hit with the girls. We started off with a pizza and juice “movie dinner” eaten on a table that was completely covered in Monster High, from the table cloth, the pates and cups, all the way to Monster High Dolls and party favors.

After dinner the party guests opened up their new dolls and went to have a seat to watch the double feature.  I loved watching the girls playing along with their dolls!!!

In between features we sat down to enjoy some delicious Monster High cupcakes which used Monster High rings as toppers.

After the movie was over they continued playing Monster High using their Monster High High School and other accessories.  This definitely was a party and movie to remember. I even had calls from the parents saying how much fun their child had at the viewing party!

WANT IT: Get the Freaky Fabulous Double Feature or check out Monster High for more information.

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