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Celebrate Earth Day with Washdrops


With Earth Day around the corner, I have been taking stock of how green my family is and how we can do more. Sure we recycle, turn off lights when leaving a room, buy local and organic food and make car trips succinct but what else can we do?

One idea I had was to reduce the amount of water we use needlessly. Summer is approaching and we typically tend to wash our cars ourselves and make it fun to get the kids involved. I was recently introduced to Washdrops, a new car-washing product that allows you to wash your car with just one bucket of water. You don’t have to rinse so you save gallons of water every time you wash your car. Imagine all the water you are saving not having to hose down your vehicle several times throughout the process! (Not to mention that kids + hoses = LOTS of excess water use!!)

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bottle imagesAnother thing I liked was that Washdrops complies with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act and it is biodegradable, solvent-free, butyl free, phosphate free, and ammonia free. It’s completely non-hazardous and so you can dispose of the water that you do use on your lawn or garden flowerbed. I have recently switched to more chemical free cleaners in my home so Washdrops is definitely in line with my “chemical reduction” efforts.

This is such a small way to make a difference in the environment – with almost no extra effort! Talk about an easy way to go green!  But why stop there? Use reusable Microfiber cloths to reduce your paper waste! Use your bucket to water your plants (which you can totally do with Washdrops!) The green possibilities are endless!


What are you doing to make your family more green and would you give Washdrops a try? Leave a comment below!


For more information on Washdrops, please visit


**I was compensated for this review and received samples of Washdrops to write this review.**

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