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Mamanista’s Totsy Picks!

There are some fabulous finds on Totsy right now! You would not believe the deals… Its a perfect time to stock up on birthday party gifts, teacher gifts and more!

Heading to Disney soon? Surprise your kids with Minnie & Mickey gear – for up to 78% off!


There is a HUGE Curious George sale going on right now! All of these books, home accessories, tshirts and toys would make great gift ideas! And for up to 59% off?? Stock up!

curious george totsy

And for little ballerinas and gymnasts? Eurotard leotards, tights and accessories are up to 50% off! Also worth stocking up – especially on tights. They always outgrow those suddenly!


One word. BLOOMERS! HOW cute are these?? And 56% off!


With so many good deals – make sure you head on over to Totsy today and take advantage!!


Disclosure: I am a Totsy Mom Committee member and this is part of a compensated campaign.

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  1. Haruna says:

    Now that is one adorable liltte Booger! I can’t believe how big he is getting.It is scary to think about how much a child can affect your checkbook/budget. Smart planning is essential. Make a list of things you are planning to purchase. Sort this list into 2 columns, needs and wants. Then focus on making your purchases from the needs column. The want items would be great registry gift ideas for your liltte one.

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