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Getting Creative and Crafty with Wummelbox

wummel logoMy son loves to do crafts but I find that it can be challenging to come up with new things for him to do (sound familiar moms?).  We received a Wummelbox to review and it was such a great experience for both of us!

So what is a Wummelbox?  Wummelbox is a European-style arts & crafts subscription service for kids that is designed to inspire learning, creativity and exploration. Wummelbox provides families with all the materials needed for hours of hands-on fun all in one box. The best part for busy parents? It’s conveniently delivered right to your doorstep!

Appropriate for ages 3-8, each Wummelbox is based on a particular theme (i.e., Nutrition, Music, or Color and Light) and includes all the materials needed (plus instructions) for a child to create 3-4 projects. We received the “Nutrition” themed box, which you will see below.

nutrition wummel

The nutrition-themed Wummelbox had four arts & crafts projects that invite kids to explore the delicious world of food and cooking:

•  Open your own colorful grocery store and sell your handmade fruit and veggies to your friends and family.  Recycle the Wummelbox and turn it into a cash register for your grocery store!

•  Become your own head chef and decide what goes into your very own cookbook.  Decorate and personalize your own chef’s apron, too!

•  Play a fruit and veggie game and learn which foods grow on trees or in the ground.

•  Experiment and learn with food. Make paste for art projects out of potatoes and discover how water separates from starch or conduct a “full-feeling” experiment to see how the pace of eating influences how quickly you feel.

Wummelbox Grocery Store FrontMy son especially enjoyed running his own grocery store and being his own “chef” and came up with some very interesting meal ideas! I especially liked how it teaches kids the concept of how the body digests food, the speed at which digestion occurs and how it makes you feel. With obesity being a huge problem in this country, this is a creative way to teach kids about nutrition and how to build a healthy relationship with food; all while creating with their hands and having fun.

Wummelbox Grocery Store Back

Wummelbox subscription packages include: Try A Wummel, a 1 month subscription priced at $34.95; Little Wummel, 3-month subscription priced at $24.95 per month; and Big Wummel, a 12-month subscription priced at $19.95 per month.

To learn more about Wummelbox, visit or

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