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Joseph Nogucci Iris Bracelets are What I Want for Christmas!




As everyone is getting into the groove of the holiday hustle and bustle, I have been dreaming of something special under the tree from Santa!

I am a bit of a jewelry nut, so when I first saw Joseph Nogucci’s Iris bracelets, I started salivating naturally.  They are completely customizable and really let you show your personality.  Right up my alley!

First you choose your starter bands which come in sterling silver and leather. Next, you select from over 40 colorful Lampwork glass beads and then you can really customize with a huge variety of silver and rhodium charms! Some of my favorite charms are the Lea, the Delmalynn, the Peggy and the Rhonda!

mixed bracelet

Don’t want to pick your own and would prefer a bracelet put together with color-coordinated charms and glass beads? No problem, Joseph Nogucci has you covered with their complete Iris bracelets.

complete bracelet

There are literally hundreds of combinations you can make, so why stop at just 1 bracelet?! Which charms would you want on your customized Joseph Nogucci Iris bracelet? Let me know in the comments below!

For more information on Joseph Nogucci, please visit:

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