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Santa’s Video Visit Via Portable North Pole

My kids were enthralled with a recent message from Santa sent through a high-quality personalized video by Portable North Pole. I shared just a few of screenshots but the video is even so much cuter than what you see here. There are sparky elves, reindeer and a “video” within the video with the pictures of my son and our family that I uploaded.

Here are some screenshots of our video with Joseph:

Portable North Pole

Portable North Pole santa

Portable North Pole Video

Portable North Pole Nice List

The video includes:

  • Almost 6 minutes personalized video of Santa talking to your loved ones.
  • The possibility to choose different scenes.
  • Up to 5 personal pictures integrated in your video.
  • A bonus personalized video from Santa for Christmas Eve.
  • Unlimited online views during the Christmas holidays.
  • A downloadable version in High Quality MP4 format (not a DVD) for safe keeping.


You can also add in a call that includes:

  • Call on fixed landlines or cellphones (where applicable).
  • Personalized with child’s name and age. Choose from the more than 10 themes available for the call (congratulations, encouragement, on the ‘’watch list’’, night before Christmas, birthday, etc).


Children's Hospital Portable North PoleWhenever you purchase a personalized gift from Santa, PNP donates a portion to the Children’s Hospital closest to you.

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VIDEO About Portable North Pole

(Disclosure: I received a free code to try the letter from Santa and post about it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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