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Fuel for Afterschool

We’re on the road, trying to make it to gymnastics by warm-up with enough time to pull on leotards and hit the restrooms, and the kids are squabbling: “Gimme, it’s mine.” “You’re going to break it.” “Well, you’re a rooty-tooty face!”

What is up with these kids? And what the heck is a “rooty-tooty face,” anyway?

Then it hits me. In our rush to grab the older kids off the bus and get flipping on time, we forgot snack. With my kids, you forget snack at your own peril!

I fling a few cereal bars into the back seat and the cranky kids happily munch away, insults forgotten and crankies calmed.

After school is busy around here. The primary school doesn’t let out until 4:30 and the kids have just a few hours to practice their instruments, go to activities, finish chores, squeeze in a couple of play dates, and do their homework before family dinner. Everything goes much smoother when we program in a snack.

Snacks Give An Extra Kick

For days we are “on the go,” we bring individually wrapped cereal bars, which are convenient to pack and eat.

With four kids, anything they can do independently is a big help to me. Once we have a routine in place, the older kids can take care of a lot of daily tasks for themselves, like picking out clothes for school, bringing plates to the sink when they are finished eating, and remembering to grab that all-important, after-school snack.

Kids can create a visual reminder for themselves with a simple printout–this way I don’t have to feel like I am constantly nagging them to get chores done. I add three tasks in the first three boxes, like practice piano, check that your soccer gear is packed, do your homework, etc. …don’t forget a snack! Then, I put an incentive in the fourth box so they know that once they are done they can play their favorite game or chat with their friends.

Once kids see the expectations (and the incentive) in black and white, they are much more likely to follow-through without complaint. A smooth after-school routine means less whining and more time for fun and family bonding. For that, I think mom deserves a trophy.


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  1. Great ideas! It’s such a good idea to give kids responsibilities like this :-)

  2. I always keep a supply of cheese and crackers, yogurt and granola bars for the kids to grab and go when they get home and need to run out again. it’s definitely a challenge!

  3. […] 5. Make a List: To-do lists are helpful for kids, too. Write out all the things they can do to get the morning started without you. With younger kids who are not yet reading, just use pictures or photographs. Laminate it and tie a dry-erase marker on it and you can check off tasks as they are completed and even add day-specific tasks to the list. Work with them to build in an incentive for completing their jobs–like on this great after school routine printable. […]

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