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Post-Dinner Snack Attack

Every other Monday is a marathon in our house. I get my daughter off the bus for dance class and then return to the studio to pick her up and whisk her off to Brownies. After trying to coordinate schedules that seem more complicated than international peace talks, her Chinese lesson ended up starting at 6:30 pm. So, dinner has to be early that day. Both kids are in piano on another day of the week, which means another late night. Plus, there are the occasional fun community events, which tend on the later side to cater to teens and working parents.

So, some nights we have to grab an early dinner before our fun activities–otherwise the kids wouldn’t be in bed until midnight! On these nights, the kids return home from their activities hungry, especially if it is an athletic activity like gymnastics, soccer, swim, or dance! Well, I’m not going to send my kids to bed hungry…especially because then they’ll just be in my room at midnight asking for crackers, which will become crumbs in my bed. Better to refuel them with a late night snack!

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Our "go to" munchies for a late-night snack attack are:

  • Cereal:Whole grain cereal makes a tasty late night snack—especially when you add a little milk. My daughter sometimes takes cereal as her school snack...I wonder why I never thought of it for a late-night snack, too!
  • Dipped Fruit: Fruit always makes a great snack. Add a little yogurt, nut butter, or honey dip to make it more fun and special.
  • Nuts: This is a quick and easy snack that always makes me feel satisfied.
  • Natural Popcorn: Popcorn without butter is a yummy way to end the day. If you like more flavor, you can always sprinkle on a little pepper, garlic, powdered Parmesan cheese, or, for the adventurous, a touch of cayenne pepper.

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What do your kids snack on when hunger strikes after dinner time?

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