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Easter No Candy Pledge/ Toy Review

Moms, lets take a pledge this year and give the chocolate Easter Bunnies, the tooth fairy,  and the dentists a break!  Every Easter we pack the kids baskets with chocolates and candies.  This year lets give them what they really want. Toys!  Mattel has put together a great list of Easter Gift ideas.

My girls love everything Monster High and were extremely excited to receive their Monster High Hollywood Scaritage doll. This doll comes with its own make up kit for a complete Hollywood Experience.IMG_8379



My son loves loves everything Hot Wheels, including the toys and the show on TV.  Needless to say, he was so excited to receive his new Hot Wheels Color Shifters City Shark Showdown in the mail.  We easily assembled the toy and began to play immediately.  He enjoyed pulling his car to the top of the tower and watching it speed down the ramp.  He laughed hard every time the shark caught the Hot Wheel and flew off the track. He also enjoyed rescuing the car by racing another Hot Wheel down the ramp to hit the release lever and launch the captured car to safety. Both the dunk tank and splash pool change colors as well as the Color Shifters® car that is included.  My son recommends this for all car loving children!


Disclaimer:  Toys were received for review by Mamanista.

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