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Maggies Saves The (Fashion of the) Day


maggies logoI can’t tell you how many wrap dresses and blouses that I own and don’t wear because they just come down too low on me to be deemed suitable for wear.  It really was a shame, and I really didn’t want to poke holes through my nice things with a pin. I have a ton of beautiful scarves too that I rarely reach for because they’re a pain to tie and never stay right on me. Well the days of all that fuss are over: enter Maggies into the picture.


Maggies in action

What is a Maggie? Maggies are little fashion magnets designed to securely fasten your fabrics together without pins or knots. They really are kind of genius. They’re American-made (yeah!) and are designed to hold several layers of fabric together. You put them in an innocuous spot and under seams and it allows you to close the gap in a wrap dress or blouse that comes down to low, keep your scarf in place or wrap a pashmina around you and snap it together, so you won’t be fussing with it constantly.  The styling possibilities are endless. Why did it take so long for someone to come up with something like this?!

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  1. yeah these fabrics are great. Literally fabrics together without pins or knots sounds good.

  2. IndiaRush says:

    A good fabric, This one is a Good place for Fashion.

  3. ash says:

    Great! Thanks for the information!

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