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Energy Efficient Lighting with the GE Reveal Light Bulb

*I was sent this product to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

GE Reveal Light BulbWe have been on a spring cleaning, make-our-home-more-energy-efficient kick lately (a result of the unusually harsh winter we had in Philadelphia with its sky high electric bill? Possibly.)

Switching to higher efficiency light bulbs has been on our list, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it, so when I received the GE Reveal bulbs to test out, I was pumped.

When GE says “Switch on the true beauty of your home”, they weren’t joking! I never realized how our old bulbs made everything look so, yellow. Yuck. GE reveal® technology filters out dull, yellow rays and brings out colors and patterns that pop. And the halogen technology inside delivers outstanding energy efficiency.

Not only did it brighten our home, we did notice a difference in our electric bill! Well, that combined with keeping lights off during the day, making sure to turn off the light when we leave a room, keeping the thermostat low during the day when no one is home, etc. All of these cost and energy saving measures have added up!

  • GE energy-efficient reveal® bulbs fill rooms with clean, beautiful light® while using 28% less energy than regular incandescent Reveal® bulbs. Like regular incandescent reveal® bulbs, GE energy-efficient reveal® bulbs filters out dull, yellow rays, bringing out colors and patterns that go unnoticed under regular incandescent light. The halogen technology inside delivers outstanding energy efficiency, helping save money on energy. Use general purpose color-enhanced full-spectrum GE energy-efficient reveal® bulbs in table lamps, floor lamps, enclosed ceiling fixtures and closet lights to make colors and patterns pop.
  • Lasts 0.9 years based on 3 hours per day usage
  • Estimated yearly energy costs $8.67 based on 3 hours per day $0.11 per kWh
  • A19 shape with medium base for use in table lamps and enclosed fixturesFor more information on GE Reveal technology, please visit:


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