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Join Me in #7DaysofSpringCleaning with Goodwill

Goodwill_FB_SpringCleaning_FINAL4.inddNow that the days are longer and brighter, I am excited to join in Goodwill’s #7Daysof SpringCleaning and get rid of some of my family’s dusty fashions of yesteryear and make room for some fun new summery things.

You are welcome to join too! Goodwill is encouraging everyone to participate. It’s easy – just pick a day to start and follow the steps below.

Day 1) Clear your closet clutter. Swing those doors wide and pull out everything you DON’T wear! Find a spot and start a donation pile.

Day 2) Time to tackle the kitchen. Get rid of the duplicate pots and pans you never use. Add to donation pile.

Day 3) Spread holiday cheer (holiday decorations, center pieces, Halloween). Ask yourself seriously – what have I not used in years? If it’s broken or melted together from the attic heat, throw it away. If you can donate it, add it to the pile.

Day 4) Downsize your tech toys (like used laptops). Think about the items taking up space that you could be using for things you really do use. Get rid of them – donate, donate, donate …. add to the growing pile.

Day 5) Clean out your office supplies. How many duplicate empty notebooks are you really going to use? Stop hoarding, donate.

Day 6) Provide quality entertainment (and get rid of unused movies and video games). With all options, I bet you have some games and movies gathering dust like I do – get rid of it. Add it to the pile for Goodwill.

Day 7) Downsize your bookshelf. Do you really need all those books?

Then, once you have a nice pile to donate (and I can feel your house and mine breathing already) enter approximately what you are donating by category and calculate your donation impact. ( For example, I just entered two sweaters, a purse, two pairs of shoes and four shirts and I am already up to an hour of job training for someone who needs it simply by starting with my closet.

Here is the picture of the items I just entered in my calculations.

goodwill donation impact

Share the impact of your donation pile on social media with a picture of the pile or the calculator and the hashtag #7DaysofSpringCleaning

QUICK FACT: Every 33 seconds of every business day, someone earns a job with Goodwill’s help.

Goodwill creates many new jobs every year for people who need job skills and a chance to get a fresh start. You can read about many whose lives were changed dramatically through the services Goodwill offered them to get back on their feet and make an income that allowed them to pursue their goals and dreams and support their families.

Here is a fun clothing personality quiz if you want to see what type of shopper you are!

Or, if you are a visual person, there’s also a cute video embedded below that illustrates the need to clean out and donate rather than throw out items that can be used again. Your donations create jobs! It’s a win-win!

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  1. Victoria says:

    The Pacific Garden Mission is a neighborhood sehtler that is always looking for donated clothing, food and financial gifts. A couple of years ago, they moved to 1458 S. Canal Street to make room for the Jones College Prep expansion. Below is info from their website on donating used clothing and there is someone there from 7 AM to 8 PM to help with receiving the donations:Used, clean clothing in good condition is always welcome. In addition, there is an ongoing need for new clothing such as socks, shirts, undergarments, large-size panty hose, sweaters, jackets, gloves, mittens, toiletries, grooming aids, as well as clothing and toys for children. There is always a special need for men’s underwear. All donations of clothing must be dropped off, or shipped to: Pacific Garden Mission, 1458 S. Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60607. Thank you for your generosity!

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