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Overbeingwhelmed App Now Available on iTunes!

Overbeingwhelmed appI was introduced to the wonderful ladies behind Overbeingwhelmed at the Social Luxe Lounge they sponsored in Chicago. Their awesome app just launched and I can’t wait to tell you about it.
Developed by women for women, Overbeingwhelmed helps you prioritize how you spend your time according to what you value most, manage that ever-growing to-do list and make you feel more productive and happy!

The Overbeingwhelmed app solves the problem of feeling like you “didn’t get anything done today”. With so many “good” competing objectives (family, friends, work, health, fun, education, spirituality), it is easy to feel you aren’t getting anything done. With our app you will define your to-do list by good, better and best. You will be patting yourself on the back for getting the things done that are most important to you!

How It’s Different from Other Apps:
• Designed by women for women.
• Focuses on helping you prioritize how you spend your time according to good, better and best and your personal values.
• You can share your “Victories” (completed to dos) on your social networks.
• You receive rewards, badges and points by doing what you value most.

Download it now from the apple iTunes store: Download the Overbeingwhelemd app

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