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Who Is Mamanista?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMamanista is dedicated to bringing you the fabulously chic and irresistibly practical–shopping around to compare products for the hip mama on a budget. Featuring chic gifts, hip styles for moms and kids, essential baby gear, educational toys and products, exciting contests, amazing deals, and children’s and women’s charity profiles. The editors of have been friends since college, bonding over an interest in philanthropy, women’s issues, and education…and chocolate. When Candace’s daughter was born with a congenital heart defect, these college buddies decided to collaborate again to share their favorite baby products and raise money for heart charities.  Combining Candace’s career in writing and Debbie’s experience in online marketing and their passion for motherhood, they launched Check out our Press section for media mentions of Mamanista!

Candace Lindemann, Editor Covering the chic and the (attached-at-the) hip, Candace leans towards Attachment Parenting. Former teacher, part time educational consultant, full time mama to three little ones. Candace also writes about learning crafts and ideas in education at or find her on as a “JustAsk Expert“. After graduating from Yale University and earning her Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Candace gained hands-on educational experience teaching in the classroom. Currently, she works with school districts around the country to create custom strategies, textbooks, and lesson plans that promote and support each district’s education standards and objectives. She has created materials for the California PASS Program, Kaplan K-12, Pearson, Thomson, and others and her articles have appeared in Learning Through History, Calliope, Military Spouse Magazine, and other publications. An active volunteer, Candace has earned awards for her work with military spouses (during her husband’s deployment to Iraq), at-risk youth, and the local historical society. You can find Candace on Twitter @candaceapril or contact her at candace (at)

Debbie Bookstaber, Editor Debbie Bookstaber Debbie lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two sons. She’s a working mom who loves technology, toys, travel and anything that helps her squeeze more time with her children into her packed schedule. After graduating from Yale University with a BA and MA, Debbie worked in the travel industry at companies such as Site.59 (a start-up later acquired by Travelocity), and Debbie is currently a partner at Element Associates and the Social Media Director at Child’s Play Communications where she handles online advertising, social media, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization for their clients. In 2012, Debbie helped organize SheCon, and she is a frequent speaker at social media and tech conferences such as BlogHer, SXSW, Type-A Parent, Affiliate Summit, SheConExpo, and ASTRA Marketplace. Along with Candace, Debbie is the co-founder of, which recognizes bloggers for using social media for social good. Debbie serves on several charitable boards, focusing on education and at-risk students. She was elected to a position on her local school board in 2007 and served until 2012. She also serves as a board member of Postpartum Progress. You can find Debbie on Twitter @buzzmommy or contact her at deb (at)

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