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Contest at Nature’s Child

Nature’s Child is having a contest for a $100 gift certificate to their fabulous store. Additional prize drawings will be held from contest entries to receive two $50 gift certificates, four $25 gift certificates, and ten $10 gift certificates, for a total of $400.00 in prizes. I’ve been eying their stock of wooden puzzles for my little enigma and some safe, natural rattles and teethers for the new one on the way. There is also just … Read entire article »

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Get Attached to Baby with these Luxurious Slings, Carriers, and Wraps

Babywearing is great for baby and even better for mama. When Baby Diva was colicky, I wore her almost all day. Holding her close to my heart kept her happy and safe and allowed me to get some work done! A good baby sling, baby wrap, or baby carrier is also an excellent investment because it is one of the few items you will find yourself using every day during the first year–and possibly … Read entire article »

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Find a Trustworthy Babysitter with Sittercity

Whether you are a working mom, a work at home mom, or a stay at home mom, you deserve a break. Quality childcare can be difficult to find, but Sittercity makes it easy. Two growing trends place increasing stress on new mommies: we move further away from our families and, even when we live nearby, our own mothers are more likely to have their own jobs, interests, and obligations. I love spending most of my day with Baby Diva, but I still occasionally need a break. As a work at home mom, I find I am having growing difficulty balancing my family’s needs, my work requirements, and my personal desires. With the first two making demands on my time, I have less time to care for myself. Taking care of … Read entire article »

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A Good Pair of Mommy Shoes

Once upon a time, I lived in high heels. A complete stranger actually broke out in applause after watching me run across the street in a pair of four inch stack heels. In those same bright red high-heeled sandals, I once scaled an eight foot iron gate. Alas, being a mommy does change some things. When you get pregnant, your feet start to ache. Perhaps fashion is worth the pain, but then you … Read entire article »

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Fabulous Shopping

We’ve moved our list of Fabulously Chic Shops and Services to a new site to keep our blog feed clean for our feed subscribers. Click here to shop with Mamanista. … Read entire article »

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