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An Animal Safari With Meerkat

An Animal Safari With Meerkat

Toddlers and young children love animals and guessing games, so Meerkat’s Safari is a natural winner. Our friend, the Meerkat, leads us on an adventure to meet some of the other animals of Africa. Each mini riddle starts with animal tracks and a rhyming clue. Turn the page and the reader learns the identity of the animal and some fun facts. The descriptions of Meerkat’s friends go beyond the usual, to include lesser known trivia. … Read entire article »

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My Favorite Easter Book

If you’re looking to give your child something more meaningful than jelly bellies and chocolate bunnies this Easter, I recommend my favorite Easter book- The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes.  Written in 1939, The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes feels modern and has an empowering message for young girls. All the bunnies aspire to be one of the Five Easter Bunnies when they grow up since the Easter Bunnies are the kindest, swiftest and wisest of bunnies. But when the little country bunny says she wants to be an Easter Bunny too, the wealthy rabbits, athletic jackrabbits, and big male rabbits laugh at her.   The country bunny grows up to be a clever, caring, hard-working mother of twenty-one little bunnies. Since this is a children’s story, you won’t be surprised to know that her hard work and kindness pays off in … Read entire article »

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Excitement! Adventure! You!

The hero of the The First Adventures of Incredible You is adventurous, unique, and confident–just like your child. And you’ll have the chance to win one at the end of this review. This personalized storybook by Custom Made for Kids describes our Baby growing into exactly the sort of child we hope and expect she will become. Seamlessly integrating friends and family, local fun spots, and other favorites into lively rhymes, the tale describes the everyday … Read entire article »

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Are You A Slummy Mummy?

I received a review copy of Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill a few weeks ago, and it didn’t disappoint. The heroine Lucy Sweeney is scatterbrained and prone to mishaps. Formerly a producer on a prestigious news show, she’s now the stay-at-home mother of three children and a bit of a mess. Her house and car are a pigsty. Her looks are decidedly unglamorous. She wears pajamas when she drops her kids off at school and forgets to wash off her eye makeup, leading one mom to comment that she looks like a panda. She loses her keys, runs out of gas, and forgets about important school projects until the last minute. And that’s just the beginning. At school, she befriends Yummy Mummy (a fit, glamorous mom whose car and home are kept … Read entire article »

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