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Go on an Audio Adventure with Billy Brown

Go on an Audio Adventure with Billy Brown

We love alternatives to television that recognize children are naturally imaginative. Billy Brown’s audio adventures from Giddio are entertaining additions to your child’s playtime. Whether you are home on a rainy day, taking a long car trip, or looking for a soothing pre-nap activity, Billy Brown will engage your youngsters. Giddio brings a child-friendly approach to old-fashioned radio plays. The recordings are all professional quality with voice actors and studio sound effects. To the … Read entire article »

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Lullabies for Future Linguists

Between supper and sleep time, we find time to relax. Baby Diva is a perpetual motion machine so it is important to try to wind her down a little before bed. Siente is a beautiful soundtrack for some quiet pre-bedtime cuddling and has become part of our nightly ritual. Keep reading for a chance to win this beautiful collection of lullabies for future linguists. The simple melodies, slow rhythms, and Patrice O’Neill’s lovely voice lull … Read entire article »

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Cute, Personalized Children’s Songs from Name Your Tune

Name Your Tune is a special, sweet gift for any child in your life. ***NEW*** Scroll down for a coupon code and contest! Baby Diva enjoys hearing her name on Name Your Tune, a CD of personalized songs just for your child. I got a real kick out of seeing her look of surprise the first time the CD player sang out her name. Children need to know that they are cherished–and hearing her name as part of her favorite songs will delight your child. When we received the compilation, Baby Diva’s Dad joked that it would sound awkwardly digitized, ala the gift in the episode of The Simpsons, in which Lisa realizes Homer knows nothing about her. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth–each name is recorded individually by … Read entire article »

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Teach Baby a Foreign Language with Baby’s First Words in Chinese

When I received my copy of Baby’s First Words in Chinese, I could not wait to pop in the CD. Learning a new language opens up exciting opportunities and gives you a richer way to experience other cultures. However, most adults, myself included, struggle with learning and pronouncing words in languages other than their native tongue. Children, however, are born with a remarkable facility for language. Because I want Baby Diva to enjoy … Read entire article »

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Baby Loves Jazz…and so does Mamanista!

Vivid illustrations and adult-friendly music for kids make the Baby Loves Jazz series a winner. Each book guides baby through an aspect of her world using the lens of Jazz. The funky drawings and engaging recordings are consistent throughout the series. I was able to review Ella Elephant Scats Like That: Baby Loves Jazz and Charlie Bird Count to the Beat: Baby Loves Jazz. Ella Elephant focuses on the sounds that emanate from … Read entire article »

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