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Craftsbury Kids Coupon Code for 10% Off (Deal of the Day)

Craftsbury Kids is the place to look for unique, handmade toys, clothing, art and decor, and gifts for babies and children. So it is no surprise we’ve featured some of their selections in our Guide to the Hottest Holiday Toys for 2008. This gorgeous Caterpillar Pull Toy ($34.00) is handmade of hardwoods in the USA. Stack, pull, and watch the wheels spin–and you’ll still enjoy him as he rests on your shelf. I think this adorable Plush Matryoshka … Read entire article »

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Baby, Get Down!

Baby, Get Down!

When space and money are in short supply, I love finding products that have multiple uses. The 3-in-1 Stepping Stone Play Mat from One Step Ahead changes with your baby as he grows and develops. First, the play mat begins as a great tummy time spot. There are plenty of textures, colors, mirrors, soft toys, and more attached to the mat–including the all-important baby-safe mirror. Because all the action takes place on the mat, it is a … Read entire article »

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Hottest Holiday Toys Guide and 12 Days of Giveaways Starts Today!

Our Hottest Holiday Toys Guide is here! Check out our picks for the best pretend play, push and pull, building toys, plus the top arts and crafts supplies, non-toxic teethers, and more! And, of course, there’s swag! Starting today, we’re hosting 12 Days of Giveaways! Remember to come back everyday for a new giveaway.  Better yet, subscribe to our e-mail digest so you’ll never miss a hip review, chic sweeps, or fabulous deal. Get into the giving spirit … Read entire article »

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Baby’s First Blocks

Baby’s First Blocks

Baby Mwah received these soft organic blocks ($28) from NewBornMom, a hip eco-friendly baby store, a few months ago. The blocks match NewBornMom’s luxe organic elephant crib sheets($40), which I’d been drooling over since they would look so pretty in my animal-themed nursery.  Initially Baby Mwah showed no interest in the blocks, so I used them as nursery decorations since the pretty cream and blue patterns matched my nursery decor.  Once baby started sitting up independently, I reintroduced the blocks. These … Read entire article »

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Pack Smart For Trips With Baby

Pack Smart For Trips With Baby

Packing for a trip to Grandma’s House or a weekend getaway doesn’t require a carload of baby toys. Baby Mwah and I travel light with just a diaper bag, Pack & Play portable crib and his Activity Ring by Latitude Enfant. This multi-sensory activity ring is like five or six toys in one, but it hardly takes up any space in the car. Baby Mwah loves it when I put on a puppet show using the integrated cat and mouse … Read entire article »

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Little Jet Set Baby Travel Gift Pack Contest

Little Jet Set Baby Travel Gift Pack Contest

Traveling with a baby or toddler can be a joy if you are well-prepared and flexible. Little Jet Set aims to help you in the preparation department. We’ve reviewed some of the award winning travel gear and toys from this fabulous children’s boutique in the past and have included several of their selections in our Travel Tips: Best Gear for Traveling with Babies and Children. Little Jet Set is generously offering a Baby Travel Gift … Read entire article »

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MonkeyBean Toys Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

MonkeyBean Toys Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

Monkey Bean Toys is one of our Retailers of Toys to Trust. Their selection includes lots of beautiful wooden and plush items, most of which are manufactured in North America or Europe. Just to make sure their toys are safe, Monkey Bean uses a hand-held X-Ray Fluorescence Metal Analyzer (the same model used by the US FDA for frontline screening of heavy metal contamination) to test toys manufactured in China. Click HERE to visit MonkeyBean Toys and … Read entire article »

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Language Littles Dolls Help Kids Learn Another Language

I want my daughter to enjoy the benefits of learning a foreign language. After reading The Bilingual Edge, I decided to introduce Spanish, since I’m proficient, and Russian, since I know a little and it is a heritage language for us. We read books in these languages, listen to Baby’s First Steps in Spanish, and we play with Anya: the Bilingual Russian Doll by Language Littles. Anya tells us, in both Russian and English, about her love of dancing. Although I wish she wasn’t wearing theatrical make-up and a pink glitter costume (and I wish they had included panties in her outfit), Anya provides a fun way for us to interact in Russian.  The child’s voice is cute without being annoying, the accent is clear, and the phrases fit … Read entire article »

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Naturally Playful at Natural Pod

If you are looking for natural and organic toys so gorgeous, you won’t want your child to put them away, check out the selection at Natural Pod. These toys are made from natural materials and promote open-ended play. Toddlers will enjoy the old-fashioned push and pull toys, like Baby Diva’s Elephant on Wheels. This toy is far larger and sturdier than it appears on the website. With oversized wheels, and an easy-to-grip ball for pulling, this … Read entire article »

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All the Children are Happy on this Planet

Most stores have categories of toys that include Dolls, Games and Puzzles, and Musical Instruments. Planet Happy Toys has those, too, but how about Organic, Fairly Traded, and Recycled? Or maybe you are especially concerned that the vinyl is Phthalate-Free? Baby Diva got her new Dancing Alligator Pull Toy by Plan Toys, and it is her new favorite. I’m glad to know, thanks to Planet Happy’s Toy Badges of Honor, that it is made from natural woods, … Read entire article »

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