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Time for Bed, Time for Bunk Beds

Time for Bed, Time for Bunk Beds

When I come home from a long day after work, there’s nothing I like to do more than lay down on my bed, even if only for a few moments before I’m yanked off to the next chore. If I had to climb up a ladder to get to this cozy piece of heaven I’m sure I would be a very unhappy camper. Rewind 20 or 25 years ago and the opposite of this was true. … Read entire article »

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Bedtime can be quality time rather than battle time. By establishing a consistent routine, you can make bedtime more enjoyable for the whole family. Haydenburri Lane’s Bedtime Safari products were designed in conjunction with child development specialists to help children learn the necessary skills and activities needed to get ready for bed.   Haydenburri Lane provides advice to parents on how to establish a positive bedtime routine and why routines are important. (Click here to read their Parents’ Guide.)  And … Read entire article »

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The Best Playards: Lightest, Budget, Compact, and Full Feature

I am an obsessive comparison shopper. I research size, weight, price, convenience, style, and features–locating the best deals for you! In this case, I was looking for a light weight playard that could hold my ever-growing giant baby…but what if your baby, or your apartment, is smaller and you want a compact playard? What if you want a full-featured playard that matches your decor? What if you are on a budget and what you really want … Read entire article »

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Playards: The Best and The Lightest

Even parents who practice attachment-style parenting occasionally need a safe place to place baby when tending to a hot stove, traveling, or visiting child-free friends. Playards keep baby secure during those times. Which playard to buy depends on your intended use. If you are in a tiny city apartment, you may want to save space by using the playard as a bassinet as well as a playpen and traveling bed. Many parents at least want the option of traveling with the playard, which means you need something lightweight without compromising safety, quality, and convenience. We have the Compass Light & Portable Playard & Bassinet. Baby Diva used this in addition to her Peapod Travel Bed tent while visiting her Grandparents. She was comfy and safe in this super lightweight playard. The pad is easy … Read entire article »

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Co-Sleeper a Breastfeeding, C-Section, and Attachment Parenting Essential

How many items of baby gear can a mama say she uses every day? The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is the only thing in the house I can say I use more often than the Safer Bather. Recent studies suggest that babies sleep more safely in the same room with mama. Placing your baby to sleep in your room helps reduce the risk of SIDS and it also makes life more convenient for the parents. If you … Read entire article »

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Take Your Baby Exploring in the PeaPod Tent

Playards are fantastic, portable, safe spots for tots, but when you are traveling by plane with your precious bundle you may want something even lighter weight. Super Dad and I were dreading the prospect of lugging even the lightest weight playard when we went to visit the Grandparents. Luckily, Baby Diva likes to set up camp in her PeaPod Travel Bed tent. We love this tent because it sets up in a snap and is great for … Read entire article »

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