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Time for Bed, Time for Bunk Beds

Time for Bed, Time for Bunk Beds

When I come home from a long day after work, there’s nothing I like to do more than lay down on my bed, even if only for a few moments before I’m yanked off to the next chore. If I had to climb up a ladder to get to this cozy piece of heaven I’m sure I would be a very unhappy camper. Rewind 20 or 25 years ago and the opposite of this was true. … Read entire article »

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Baby Sleeps Safely and Soundly with the Halo SleepSack Swaddle

Baby Sleeps Safely and Soundly with the Halo SleepSack Swaddle

The Halo SleepSack Swaddle is the Cadillac of swaddlers. It’s lusciously soft, and it’s designed to not only help your baby sleep better by preventing the “moro” (startle) reflex, but also to reduce the risk of SIDS. And it’s so simple to use, even a sleep-deprived parent of a newborn can put it on swiftly and easily. It’s well-known that immobilizing the arms of your infant by swaddling them helps them sleep better–but that’s sometimes easier … Read entire article »

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Bedtime can be quality time rather than battle time. By establishing a consistent routine, you can make bedtime more enjoyable for the whole family. Haydenburri Lane’s Bedtime Safari products were designed in conjunction with child development specialists to help children learn the necessary skills and activities needed to get ready for bed.   Haydenburri Lane provides advice to parents on how to establish a positive bedtime routine and why routines are important. (Click here to read their Parents’ Guide.)  And … Read entire article »

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Win a Zoobie Pet from Little Jet Set!

Little Jet Set specializes in gear, games, and accessories for kids on the go, including award winning children’s products, children’s luggage and bags, and travel toys. Zoobie Pets from Little Jet Set ($32) make great cuddly pals and traveling companions–a plush pet that unfolds into a pillow and blanket.  They’re perfect for trips to Grandma’s or even sleepovers for older kids. Part pillow, part blankie, all cuddly, your kids won’t want to leave home without them. Little … Read entire article »

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Sleep Well With The Woombie

Sleep Well With The Woombie

Baby Mwah enjoys being swaddled. I received one of those popular SwaddleMe blankets from Kiddopotamus at my baby shower. It worked great for the first week or so until Baby Mwah was able to rip open the velcro on the SwaddleMe with a simple stretch and startle himself awake. Luckily, I’d received a sample of a new, mom-invented swaddler called the Woombie. While my husband and I had a good laugh about how goofy Baby … Read entire article »

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A Place to Rest Your Little Head

A Place to Rest Your Little Head

My tot has been clamoring for a pillow and from the various mommy message boards I read, I know this is a common toddler request. So, after reading the expert advice and researching different pillows, I got her this Toddler Memory Foam Pillow. Medical professionals caution parents against introducing a pillow too young and say that most children do not really need them. A BabyCenter expert explains: …pillows are not recommended for children under 2. Kids that … Read entire article »

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Sleep Sheep Earns His Keep

When my baby was first born, she slept. A lot. I wondered when she would start spending more time awake and play with me. Then, she turned three weeks old, and I wondered if she would ever go to sleep. I swaddled, I shushed, I swung, I suckled, and then…I turned on the vacuum cleaner. That on switch was like a magical off switch for my baby. I could see the tension leave her body and feel the stress leave mine. But I couldn’t run the vacuum cleaner all night and frankly, it was a bit annoying. I wish we had Sleep Sheep. Sleep Sheep from Cloud b is a cozy, cuddly friend who helps lulls your baby to sleep with gentle nature sounds. … Read entire article »

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Bring Back the Nap

The Julius & Friends Multi Dots Fundie Set is perfect for hot nights. The cheerful tank top also looks cute with shorts during the day. I like the soft combed cotton and bright colors. Plus, something about this set reminds me of the Underoos I used to love as a kid in the 1980s. $26 at FreshPair I think we should bring back naptime for adults. A quick 20 minute snooze in the afternoon refreshes … Read entire article »

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Playards: The Best and The Lightest

Even parents who practice attachment-style parenting occasionally need a safe place to place baby when tending to a hot stove, traveling, or visiting child-free friends. Playards keep baby secure during those times. Which playard to buy depends on your intended use. If you are in a tiny city apartment, you may want to save space by using the playard as a bassinet as well as a playpen and traveling bed. Many parents at least want the option of traveling with the playard, which means you need something lightweight without compromising safety, quality, and convenience. We have the Compass Light & Portable Playard & Bassinet. Baby Diva used this in addition to her Peapod Travel Bed tent while visiting her Grandparents. She was comfy and safe in this super lightweight playard. The pad is easy … Read entire article »

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End Colic and Help Baby Sleep: This Swaddling Blanket IS a Miracle

Do not even consider purchasing a cheap imitator. The Miracle Blanket is the real deal. Baby Diva earned her name between approximately weeks three through ten, during which time she did the colic thing. The kiddo would refuse to sleep anywhere but in my arms–and I had to be perpetually moving. As soon as I would stop rocking and walking, let alone attempt to put her down, the crying would start. Add to that a heart … Read entire article »

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