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Learning to Spell is Easy as ABC

Learning to Spell is Easy as ABC

Learning to spell can be as easy as ABC. Lionsgate sent us the LeapFrog Talking Words Factory and this DVD is now my 2.5 year old daughter’s top video pick. With a simple plot and catchy songs, the LeapFrog Talking Words Factor teaches kids rhyming words by adding consonants to common word endings. There is nothing ironic or hip–this is a pure, earnest, and enthusiastic celebration of leaning to spell. The story centers around Tad, who knows his … Read entire article »

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Geopolitical Kid

Geopolitical Kid

Puzzles are great way for young children to learn everything from shapes to numbers to species of animals…and now geography! GeoPuzzles makes jigsaw style puzzles with the pieces in the shapes of the countries or regions, enhancing the learning. With this innovation, your child can hold an Italy-shaped piece in his hand, instead of a randomly-shaped piece with a little Italy, some of Austria, and various other bits of Continental Grand Tour. The brain child of a … Read entire article »

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A Useful Tool for Teaching Calendar Skills

A Useful Tool for Teaching Calendar Skills

Calendars and schedules are such an integral part of adult life, but understanding concepts like days of the week, months of the year and the seasons can be difficult for young children. Without a strong understanding of how the calendar works, it can be tough for a preschooler to understand concepts like exactly how long daddy will be away on a business trip or when his class is visiting the zoo. Your kids will learn calendar skills at … Read entire article »

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Elmer the Elephant Wants to Be Friends

Elmer the Elephant Wants to Be Friends

Elmer the Elephant marches to the beat of a different drummer, in syncopated rhythm. He’s a little different than the other elephants, with his uniquely colorful patchwork pattern, but threaded throughout these subtle and sweet books is the message that individuality and quirkiness is a good thing–all part of the fabric of diversity that is life. So, Elmer is a perfect new addition to the Kids Preferred line of plush characters from some old favorite … Read entire article »

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Language Littles Dolls Help Kids Learn Another Language

I want my daughter to enjoy the benefits of learning a foreign language. After reading The Bilingual Edge, I decided to introduce Spanish, since I’m proficient, and Russian, since I know a little and it is a heritage language for us. We read books in these languages, listen to Baby’s First Steps in Spanish, and we play with Anya: the Bilingual Russian Doll by Language Littles. Anya tells us, in both Russian and English, about her love of dancing. Although I wish she wasn’t wearing theatrical make-up and a pink glitter costume (and I wish they had included panties in her outfit), Anya provides a fun way for us to interact in Russian.  The child’s voice is cute without being annoying, the accent is clear, and the phrases fit … Read entire article »

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Lullabies for Future Linguists

Between supper and sleep time, we find time to relax. Baby Diva is a perpetual motion machine so it is important to try to wind her down a little before bed. Siente is a beautiful soundtrack for some quiet pre-bedtime cuddling and has become part of our nightly ritual. Keep reading for a chance to win this beautiful collection of lullabies for future linguists. The simple melodies, slow rhythms, and Patrice O’Neill’s lovely voice lull … Read entire article »

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Give Your Baby the Bilingual Edge

Bilingualism helps sharpen the mind, makes you more creative, increases mental flexibility, facilitates travel, helps you make friends, and is really cool to boot. So, how to help your children along the path–especially if you live in the United States, a country that, despite its large immigrant population, is still decidedly monolingual? The Bilingual Edge is essential reading for any parent who hopes to give their child the gift of proficiency or fluency in another language. By walking you through the why, when, and how if teaching your child a second language, the Bilingual Edge helps you develop a plan for a bilingual learning environment that works for you family. The Challenges of Raising a Bilingual Child The prospect of raising a bilingual child can be a little intimidating. Despite a great … Read entire article »

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Teach Baby a Foreign Language with Baby’s First Words in Chinese

When I received my copy of Baby’s First Words in Chinese, I could not wait to pop in the CD. Learning a new language opens up exciting opportunities and gives you a richer way to experience other cultures. However, most adults, myself included, struggle with learning and pronouncing words in languages other than their native tongue. Children, however, are born with a remarkable facility for language. Because I want Baby Diva to enjoy … Read entire article »

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