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Welcome to Wishenpoof

Welcome to Wishenpoof

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post via KidzVuz. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) Wishenpoof, the newest Amazon Original Kids Series, will be available for Amazon Prime members beginning on August 14th,  One of the perks of being a blogger is the chance to preview new TV shows, and my boys (ages 4 and 7) binge-watched the entire 13 episode run of Wishenproof during a recent vacation. Created by Angela C. Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Creative Galaxy, Daniel Tiger’s … Read entire article »

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How to Create A Free Online Baby Book

I love my digital camera. Since I don’t have to pay for film, I can take hundreds of photos in one session in order to capture the perfect pose. But the downside to digital photography is that it’s hard to find the time in my hectic mommy schedule to actually print all those beautiful photos. I treasure the baby book my mother created for me, and I always intended to create a baby book when I had a child. But four months after his birth, the baby book I lovingly purchased when I was pregnant still lies unopened on a shelf. I’ve been feeling guilty about this for weeks. freed me from my mommy guilt. I was able to use their site to quickly and easily create a free online baby book. I uploaded all the digital photos I’ve been too busy to print and … Read entire article »

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Video Home Delivery

If you have not already signed up for a video home delivery service, now is the perfect time! Super Dad and I recently renewed and upped our number of DVDs per month because, well, lets be honest: we just don’t get out at night as much as we did in the B.C. (Before Child) Era. These rental plans are perfect for parents because you can preview as many baby or kids videos as you like. Then, either keep the favorite without late fees until your kids get tired of the movie or purchase your top pick. I used our subsciption to help me choose the best video to teach Baby sign language. Going to a movie that is not animated is tough with the little ones, but these services allow me to … Read entire article »

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