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Clothing for Babies Who Love Their Pacifiers

Clothing for Babies Who Love Their Pacifiers

A paci can have a remarkably calming effect on a baby. When Baby Mwah and I are out and about, he loves to suck on his pacifier while riding in his stroller or while I carry him in his sling. Alas, he frequently drops his paci onto the dirty ground. I know people say that germs are good for baby, and I’ve seen more than one mom pick a pacifier off the ground and the … Read entire article »

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Sleep Well With The Woombie

Sleep Well With The Woombie

Baby Mwah enjoys being swaddled. I received one of those popular SwaddleMe blankets from Kiddopotamus at my baby shower. It worked great for the first week or so until Baby Mwah was able to rip open the velcro on the SwaddleMe with a simple stretch and startle himself awake. Luckily, I’d received a sample of a new, mom-invented swaddler called the Woombie. While my husband and I had a good laugh about how goofy Baby … Read entire article »

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Sleep Sheep Earns His Keep

When my baby was first born, she slept. A lot. I wondered when she would start spending more time awake and play with me. Then, she turned three weeks old, and I wondered if she would ever go to sleep. I swaddled, I shushed, I swung, I suckled, and then…I turned on the vacuum cleaner. That on switch was like a magical off switch for my baby. I could see the tension leave her body and feel the stress leave mine. But I couldn’t run the vacuum cleaner all night and frankly, it was a bit annoying. I wish we had Sleep Sheep. Sleep Sheep from Cloud b is a cozy, cuddly friend who helps lulls your baby to sleep with gentle nature sounds. … Read entire article »

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Win a Miracle Blanket…Crazy for Contests!

Because at Mamanista, our giveaways are insane!!! * ParkerG Baby Sunglass WinnersFirst, congratulations to the four Mamanista readers who won a pair of chic ParkerG baby sunglasses. Check your inboxes and junk boxes to make sure you don’t miss our e-mails. Sad you did not win? Get 20% off your purchase at ParkerG, using coupon code mamanista (no restrictions on number of orders per client, good until 6/8/08)! About Our July/August Giveaway: On August 8, we’re giving a … Read entire article »

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End Colic and Help Baby Sleep: This Swaddling Blanket IS a Miracle

Do not even consider purchasing a cheap imitator. The Miracle Blanket is the real deal. Baby Diva earned her name between approximately weeks three through ten, during which time she did the colic thing. The kiddo would refuse to sleep anywhere but in my arms–and I had to be perpetually moving. As soon as I would stop rocking and walking, let alone attempt to put her down, the crying would start. Add to that a heart … Read entire article »

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Sleep News

After I awoke today to a cooing Baby Diva, I checked my e-mail and saw the following headline from Baby Center: “Surprising News About Sleep Training Solutions” Ah, yes, the elusive and yet much talked about full night’s sleep. My goodness, well I had better click right away–perhaps Martha Sears and Dr. Sears are correct and allowing your baby to cry at night will result in an anti-social little monster. Or maybe Ferber and his gang have it … Read entire article »

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