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Debunking Myths About Food Safety in the Home

Debunking Myths About Food Safety in the Home

  Many of us grew up thawing frozen meat on the counter and keeping leftovers far too long.  Times have changed. Now that I’m a mom, I make an effort to serve my family only food that I’m sure is safe. The USDA has food safety recommendations to help us keep our families safe from the unfortunate side affects of unsafe food preparation (such as food poisoning). But it isn’t always easy to know what is safe? For … Read entire article »

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Stuck on You

Stuck on You

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a label fanatic. Labels combine my childhood love of stickers and my grown-up obsession with organization. I own a label-maker, which gets a lot of use in my house. If you’re looking for an inexpensive label, I would definitely use a label-maker. But when you need a label that can stand up to daily use, I.D. Me Labels is a good choice. They sent me some All Purpose Icon … Read entire article »

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Momma Gotta Have: Miss Gigi-Mae Tether System

Momma Gotta Have: Miss Gigi-Mae Tether System

The Miss Gigi-Mae Tether System is a Momma Gotta Have.  If you’ve ever reached around to grab a toy off the floor of your car while driving or picked your child’s sippy cup off a grimy restaurant floor, you’ll understand the need for this tether system. This mom-invented product is designed to  attach to a carseat, stroller or high chair. Simply attach baby’s toys or sippy cup to the four retractable clips to keep them off the floor … Read entire article »

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Kill Germs and Dust Mites with the Oreck Halo

Tests have shown that there are more germs on household floor surfaces than on toilet seats, kitchen counters and bathroom tiles combined. While exposure to some germs may help build children’s immune systems, allergens like mold, dust mites are a leading trigger of allergy and asthma systems in both children and adults. Regular vacuums alone– even those with HEPA filters– can’t kill the dust mites. Since carpet can contain as many as 100,000 dust mites per … Read entire article »

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How to Do Less Laundry

I’ll admit that I was unprepared for the amount of laundry just one small, drooling baby can create. I never imagined that I’d be doing so many loads of laundry. BonnBonn Baby’s special fabric has reduced my laundry burden by keeping baby’s crib sheets, bibs and onesies dry and fresh-smelling– reducing the number of sheet and outfit changes needed on a daily basis. BonnBonn Baby is the only baby line to use EcoFresh certified antimicrobial protection with … Read entire article »

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How to Keep Baby’s Binky Within Reach

How to Keep Baby’s Binky Within Reach

 When your baby decides he’s hungry while you’re bagging your groceries in the supermarket checkout lane, he might need to wait a few minutes before you can feed him. But even five minutes can seem like hours- especially if you can’t find baby’s paci pronto!  Baby Mwah recently received a Paci Pocket from Cry Babyz Boutique. This mom-invented product attaches to your diaper bag strap, stroller or car seat handle and keeps your pacifier germ-free and easy-to-access in a chic fabric … Read entire article »

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Shopping Cart Cover: Adorable, Safe and Affordable from Clean Shopper

Babies use all of their senses to explore the world–which is exactly what you want, except when that world is a disgusting shopping cart or restaurant high chair. Did you know shopping cart handles have more germs than public restrooms? Ewww…. If you are looking for an adorable, safe, and affordable shopping cart cover to protect your baby from germs, check out the Clean Shopper. Baby Diva took the Clean Shopper for a test drive … Read entire article »

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Shopping Cart and High Chair Seat Covers: Best Budget Buy and an Ultra-Chic Splurge

Shopping carts are icky. They have germs and hard, metal edges. No wonder kids love to ride in them–because it drives mama nuts. (short trip for Mama Luxe) Same goes double for those restaurant high chairs. Luckily, some innovative folks have come up with seat covers. You have a ton of options out there but you want to make sure that your choice actually covers the entire surface and keeps baby comfy and safe. These will also … Read entire article »

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