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Mamanista’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 10, 2009. We’re bringing you some of our top picks for Mother’s Day.Whether you are still looking for the most touching gift for the woman who gave you life (or made sure you survived childhood), searching for something just right for your mother-in-law, or on a quest to find something to wow the woman who actually consented to have your children, here are a few of our favorite things… Mother’s Day Gift Guide on Mamanista

For the Mom Who Carries Her Family Close to Her Heart:

Birthstone and Name Necklaces: We love the idea of carrying a memento of baby wherever you go, and Mom4Life has some beautiful alternatives to the usual birth necklaces. We like the Mini little JULES necklace ($49 and up). ljmini-littlejuels-main
Photo Gifts: Even when the kids aren’t around. Mom can show off her kids with Shutterfly’s adorable Photo Gifts, such as this Sterling Necklace Photo Necklace. If you are looking for something more luxe, we are gaga over the lockets at RedEnvelope, especially the “Tree of Life” and “Accordion” style lockets. Tree of Life Locket

For the Mom Who Needs to Be Reminded:

Queen Mom: Or perhaps a royal title suits mom better? Then check out the Queen Mom Platter ($40 ON SALE)icon Queen Mom Platter
Red Hot Mama: Or tell your lucky lady she is still the sexiest thing around with a Red Hot Mama Mirror & Pill Case.icon Red Hot Mama Pill Case

For the Mom Who Deserves a Break:

What mom couldn’t use a day off? Time with her partner, her friends, or herself? Find a sitter on Sittercity so you can run away together–if just for a few hours.

Use Sittercity coupon code MNISTA for 10% Off

LUSH Bath Bombs (full review), starting at $4.50, are another great way to pamper Mom. Just don’t forget to take the kids so she can relax in peace–better yet, ship them off to the Grandparents’ so you can soak away the stress together. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

For the Mom Who is a Real Pro:

Pack Her Bags: Get mom ready in the morning with flair. Get her a hip Briefcase or Laptop Folder, like the Kailo Chic Tapered Laptop Tote ($70) or Laptop Sleeve ($30).
Brown bagging it is out–and bringing a reusable lunch bag is in. Make her a healthy lunch and save money and reduce waste with the Mya Lunch Bag in Leopard Print or one of the other trendy, hip, or classic options.
Kailo Chic Tapered Laptop Tote
Get Organized: At home or in the office, mom will be ready for any emergency or project, with style. Whether she’s tracking the kids or millions of dollars in corporate accounts, she’ll appreciate the attractive  BusyBodyBook Personal & Family Organizer. Home Chic Home Tool Set for Her

For the Mom Who’s Hot Stuff in the Kitchen:

Kitchen Gadgets: Unfortunately, there seems to be precious little time to whip up homemade meals these days. So, I love gadgets that actually work–effectively cutting the time it takes to make a delicious treat. I spotted an apple peeler and corer at a friend’s place and my in-laws generously got it for me for the Holidays. Now a quick toddler or mom-friendly snack is seconds away. The Cuisinart Traditional Apple Peeling Machine is $40 and The Apple Master is $28. Maybe there will even be an apple pie in it for you. Some other neat kitchen gadgets include the Breville® Maxi-2-in-1 Panini Press and the New & Exclusive Cuisinart Red Ice Cream Maker at Sur La Table. Cuisinart Traditional Apple Peeling Machine
Chic Apron: Not to promote stereotypes, but I actually enjoy cooking. Look stylish and keep your clothes neat in a Jessie Steele Onyx Apron. We love the classic, chic look.
Jessie Steele Onyx Apron
Fresh Herbs: Mom will never be at a loss for inspiration with the French Herb Garden. This is the gift that keeps giving–for the whole family. Just a pinch of fresh herbs will transform any dish into a gourmet pleasure. Or if Mom is more of a take-out gal, these herbs still look and smell lovely. French Herb Garden

For the Earth Mother

Help Her Garden Grow: If mom is a nurturer, down to the roots, give her the Burt’s Bees Gardener’s Kit, with everything she needs to flower, 100% naturally. burts-bees-gardeners-kit
Flowering Plants: We enjoy fresh flowers but get a little sad when they fade–keep the glow going by giving a living plant instead of cut flowers. The beautiful Hydrangeas can be replanted outdoors and the canister is perfect for storing cookies or tea. For an indoor plant, we like the lovely Violet Trio or an exotic Orchid. If mom doesn’t always remember to water creatures that do not cry, try this Cactus Dish full of low-maintenance succulents.
Get Gorgeously Green: Help mom discover her inner Earth Mama with Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life. Author Sophie Uliano sorts through all the information and provides readers with an easy plan for an eco-friendly and glamorous lifestyle. Gorgeously Green
Recycled Gifts: We found a unique selection of Recycled Gifts at Uncommon Goods and Recycled Gifts at Our Green House, sure to please the artsy Earth lover. Check out their recycled jewelry, glassware, accessories, furniture, and even artwork. For more great recycled picks,

Visit Our Green House and use coupon code “nista” for 10% Off (ends May 31, 2008)

For the Mom Who Likes a Good Cup of Tea:

Flowering Teas: The Laroma Teapot With Flowering Teas ($40; $30 on sale) is like two gifts in one. First she’ll enjoy watching the tea bud bloom into a beautiful flower as the aromatic fragrance of tea fills the air. Then she’ll enjoy the relaxing and delicious tea–leaving her revitalized and refreshed.
Funky Teapot: If Mom prefers an Alice in Wonderland aesthetic, you are sure to please with the charmingly off-beat Lilach Lotan Ceramic Teapot ($150).icon Lilach Lotan Ceramic Teapot

For the Expectant or Brand New Mama

Heal and Soothe: Help a new mama out with some products designed to help her relax and heal. For mamas who love their bath, check out Restore Me™ After-Baby Bath Tea by Lighten My Labor. Mamas who had a c-section might like Earth Mama Angel Baby Pregnancy Products C-Section Healing Kit (we found it on sale for just $40 at MotherNature). Or, if you have gift certificates to use, we also found the C-Section Healing Kit at BabyCenter and the C-Section Healing Kit at Amazon for $60.
Lighten My Labor Bath Tea
Breastfeeding Bling: Nursing is not only one of the best starts you can give your baby, it also helps establish a bond and aids mom’s post-labor weight loss, too. So, give that new mama something to help her with this special time. I’m drooling over the tastefully simple Smart Mom Teething Pendants. Someone who likes a little more bling might prefer the Mommy & Me Classic Nursing Necklaces ($27-29). Or for mamas, like me, who have trouble remembering whether or not they brushed their teeth, let alone when they last fed a newborn, check out The Nursing Bracelet Feeding Log ($30). Smart Mom Teething PendantMommy & Me Classic Nursing Necklaces
Belli for the Belly: Expectant Mothers need pampering–and they need to know the products they are using are safe for their unborn baby. Belli Maternity avoids any ingredients that have been linked to birth defects or other pregnancy concerns. Get the lucky new mama a Belli Pregnancy Gift Set ($62 for the Belli Pregnancy Gift Set at or purchase directly from Belli).

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Belli Maternity Gift Set

For the Mom Who Likes to Pick Out Her Own Gifts
Dad doesn’t like to shop but Mom does? Don’t torture yourself or deny her the joy of browsing. You just can’t go wrong with Your shopping is done, quickly and painlessly, and Mom gets to buy to her heart’s content.

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