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How Do You Make the Most of Quality Time?

This summer, we’ve really greatly enjoyed being a part of Random House’s Kids Read & Play Summer Learning Community. It has been such a refreshing and engaging way to connect with mom’s across the country. Last night, some of the community leaders hosted a live chat during which they discussed how they’ve been making the most of their summers. Being a full time working mom, the chat got me thinking about how vital “quality time” is … Read entire article »

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An Animal Safari With Meerkat

An Animal Safari With Meerkat

Toddlers and young children love animals and guessing games, so Meerkat’s Safari is a natural winner. Our friend, the Meerkat, leads us on an adventure to meet some of the other animals of Africa. Each mini riddle starts with animal tracks and a rhyming clue. Turn the page and the reader learns the identity of the animal and some fun facts. The descriptions of Meerkat’s friends go beyond the usual, to include lesser known trivia. … Read entire article »

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