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Boltwell Keeps You Prepared No Matter What the Situation

Boltwell Keeps You Prepared No Matter What the Situation

* I was sent products in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.* When I hear the phrase “emergency preparedness,” I immediately picture lots of camouflage, rows and rows of canned goods in a dimly-lit basement and a whole lot of panic. Panic is not what you need in case of an emergency; you need a calm, cool head and to be prepared ahead of time. Ok, not so scary after all.  … Read entire article »

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One Year Since Hurricane Sandy and Many Children Are Still Struggling

Oct. 29 marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy that devastated a large portion of the Northeast corridor of the US.  This is a great opportunity to focus on disaster preparedness and how to protect our most precious assets: children. Many children are still struggling with the intense fears and stress brought on by the devastating storm and its aftermath.  Save the Children, the leading, independent organization that creates lasting change for children in need … Read entire article »

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