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Happy Earth Day!

Take some to enjoy nature today and don’t forget to give Mama Earth some love. Try to get outside and really reconnect. If you are stuck inside, check out some of these sites for adults and kids: Earth Day information from the EPA, including the history of Earth Day, local volunteer opportunities, and conservation tips Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Crayola Earth Day Crafts Earth Day Crafts and Recycling Crafts for Kids from Kaboose Celebrate Earth Day with Time for Kids EarthDay.Gov for Kids EcoKids … Read entire article »

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Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Care, by Dierdre Imus, is the second in a series from this Green Guru. Guiding people towards a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle is more than a job for Imus, it is a calling. Her passion shines in each passage of the book. Imus takes the reader from birth through schooling, discussing the perils of reckless consumption for the body, mind, soul, and planet. Every chapter is packed full … Read entire article »

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Gaiam For Green Goddesses (Coupon Deal of the Day)

Gaiam is your source for organic, eco-friendly, and fair trade everything, including bedding, home decor, personal care, clothing, wellness products, baby clothing and more. I love the idea of organic, but get tired of the look of raw cotton. If you think environmentally friendly means plain and boring, then you have to check out Gaiam’s hip products that bring eco-chic to a new level. After reading Gorgeously Green, I’m trying to detoxify my life. I’m … Read entire article »

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Get Gorgeously Green (and enter to win)

Gorgeously Green, by Sophie Uliano, is a hip new guide to making environmentally-friendly and healthy choices that fit your lifestyle. Each chapter is a step in the process of becoming Gorgeously Green with plenty of practical and concrete suggestions. If you still need a little push, Uliano prioritizes the information so you know which simple changes will give you the mot dramatic and immediate benefits. Written in a breezy “girlfriend” style, Gorgeously Green trims the sometimes … Read entire article »

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Earth Day Eco-Friendly Products for Families

We’re very excited to bring you our Earth Day Eco-Friendly Product Guide for Families, complete with eco-chic tips, earth-friendly free services, organic gifts, and coupon codes.  We’ll also be featuring lots of environmentally-friendly products and contests during the next two weeks.  We hope you’ll enjoy our guide and share it with your friends! … Read entire article »

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