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Eco-Crafty Kids’ Jewelry

Eco-Crafty Kids’ Jewelry

My daughter, like most little girls, loves jewelry.  I often sit with her while she is making bracelets and necklaces using her beads.  I was looking for something new to do with her.  This Artterro Collage Jewelry Kit was the perfect activity!  She was still able to make jewelry and I was able to introduce new crafting techniques like decoupage. This kit comes with almost everything you need to make the jewelry.  … Read entire article »

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Love Mama Earth With EarthLust Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Love Mama Earth With EarthLust Stainless Steel Water Bottles

My family uses eco-friendly and chic stainless steel water bottles to reduce landfill and our exposure to the chemicals in plastics. EarthLust bottles are fantastically chic, manufactured from a slender, tapered custom mold and coated with non-toxic paints.  Each delicately rendered design evokes a love of, or a deeply respectful lust for, nature.  Some of the artwork was created by mom-owner and inventor, Allison. And it is no surprise that with her deep affection for mother earth, … Read entire article »

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Get Gorgeously Green (and enter to win)

Gorgeously Green, by Sophie Uliano, is a hip new guide to making environmentally-friendly and healthy choices that fit your lifestyle. Each chapter is a step in the process of becoming Gorgeously Green with plenty of practical and concrete suggestions. If you still need a little push, Uliano prioritizes the information so you know which simple changes will give you the mot dramatic and immediate benefits. Written in a breezy “girlfriend” style, Gorgeously Green trims the sometimes … Read entire article »

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Earth Day Eco-Friendly Products for Families

We’re very excited to bring you our Earth Day Eco-Friendly Product Guide for Families, complete with eco-chic tips, earth-friendly free services, organic gifts, and coupon codes.  We’ll also be featuring lots of environmentally-friendly products and contests during the next two weeks.  We hope you’ll enjoy our guide and share it with your friends! … Read entire article »

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