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Food Safe Families Wants You to Have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving  

Cooking a turkey properly makes even the most confident chef just a little nervous, not to mention the millions of first-time cooks attempting the turkey trot to the Thanksgiving table. There are many commonly held practices when it comes to cooking the big bird that are actually harmful and can cause food poisoning; not how anyone wants to spend their holiday! The Food Safe Families campaign (from the USDA and the Ad Council) wants to make this a food-safe Thanksgiving for turkey newbies and seasoned professionals alike. Below are the top five Turkey Myths that most Americans believe are safe practices. Follow the facts listed after the Myths for a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving with your families and friends!   Myth: Washing the turkey before cooking makes it cleaner and safer. FALSE It’s impossible … Read entire article »

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Have a Food Safe 4th of July!

  The smell of barbecue on the grill, happy picnics with family and friends, pool parties with hamburgers, fresh veggies and delicious fruit and colorful fireworks all evoke the essence of summer and true Americana. We dream about it all year long and rejoice when the season of sunshine and outdoors has finally arrived…summer! Before you gear up for your plethora of summer festivities, let’s talk about food safety during the summer. Not to be a buzzkill, … Read entire article »

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Big Game Day Entertaining Without Inviting Norovirus

Big Game Day Entertaining Without Inviting Norovirus

Entertaining is tough on any occasion – especially with a bigger group. You have people with different tastes in music, food and general group related activities. The nice thing about having a party on Super Bowl day is that: ONE, there are a buzzillion fun, warm recipes floating around the Internet to flavor the buffet table (like the chili I will be cooking in my new Food Ninja); TWO, you can be somewhat casual in the food … Read entire article »

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Debunking Myths About Food Safety in the Home

Debunking Myths About Food Safety in the Home

  Many of us grew up thawing frozen meat on the counter and keeping leftovers far too long.  Times have changed. Now that I’m a mom, I make an effort to serve my family only food that I’m sure is safe. The USDA has food safety recommendations to help us keep our families safe from the unfortunate side affects of unsafe food preparation (such as food poisoning). But it isn’t always easy to know what is safe? For … Read entire article »

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