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The Act of Giving Made Easy This Holiday Season

The Act of Giving Made Easy This Holiday Season

If you’re thinking that now is the time to declutter your home, clean out the garage, or clean out your closet you’d be right. At the end of the year we are more likely to focus on moving forward and clearing away the things that we no longer love or need. Maybe it’s the holidays or the incoming new year that drives us to mad cleaning frenzies. Regardless, as you get ready to dive deep … Read entire article »

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Goodwill – Donate Stuff, Create Jobs

Spring is the perfect time of year to declutter your home. Most of us (luckily) have tons of stuff we don’t use, don’t need, or that our kids outgrew.  They are just taking up space- why not give the items to someone who can actually use it and stop tripping over them?  That might work out for everyone. Don’t just throw your stuff away or toss it in a bin- head to your local Goodwill, where your … Read entire article »

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Join Me in #7DaysofSpringCleaning with Goodwill

Join Me in #7DaysofSpringCleaning with Goodwill

Now that the days are longer and brighter, I am excited to join in Goodwill’s #7Daysof SpringCleaning and get rid of some of my family’s dusty fashions of yesteryear and make room for some fun new summery things. You are welcome to join too! Goodwill is encouraging everyone to participate. It’s easy – just pick a day to start and follow the steps below. Day 1) Clear your closet clutter. Swing those doors wide and pull out … Read entire article »

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Sweater Yourself This Holiday Season!

If you aren’t hosting your own holiday sweater party, I bet you’re going to at least one this season! We are a week away from Christmas and time is running short to get your paws on a great festive holiday sweater (remember, the more bling and blinking lights, the better). Through the Ad Council’s campaign with Goodwill® they have developed a new, interactive tool that helps you have fun with seasonal clothing and reminds your friends of the … Read entire article »

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Host a Festive Holiday Sweater Party with Goodwill!

  I swear the days go by faster and faster every year. Here we are, in the midst of the 2013 holiday season and where did the year go? A fun way to commemorate holidays past is to host, yep, you guessed it, a holiday sweater party! If you don’t have anything to wear, take this Festive Holiday Sweater Quiz: and head to your local Goodwill via our store locator at to find a holiday sweater that suits … Read entire article »

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Why Giving to Goodwill Creates Real Jobs

Why Giving to Goodwill Creates Real Jobs

I’ve donated a lot of stuff to Goodwill over the years, but I wasn’t aware until the past year that Goodwill used the sales of those items to provide support and job training to people who struggle with finding employment. Goodwill has a new tool to help people understand exactly how donating old stuff can create jobs, and I would love to share it with you because I think it’s just that cool. Using this tool, the … Read entire article »

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