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Groovy Girls Giveaway!

Finally–a fashion doll parents and children can both love! Groovy Girls ($10-20) are stylish, ethnically diverse, affordable, and they promote positive values and actually look and dress (most of the time…there are a couple of the girls wearing heels) like real pre-teens should. The Groovy Girls achieve their hip look with funky patterns and bright layers on their appropriate, but fun, clothing and vivid highlights in their hair. My daughter loves Lycia, whose curly brown hair, blue eyes, and feminine, yet funky sense of style mirrors her own, and Liola the cat, who looks like our Russian Blue. The Scout Troop Groovy Girls, named after attributes like respect, caring, and respect, show that girls can be feminine and fearless, cute and courageous. Head on over to Groovy Girls RSVP and enter the code that comes … Read entire article »

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