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ImagiPlay Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

Buy ImagiPlay directly and use coupon code integrity09 for 20% off any order through July 15th. … Read entire article »

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Imagine That, ImagiPlay

Imagine That, ImagiPlay

Imagine a world where toys please the senses and stimulate the imagination. Now imagine a world where all of those toys are made in fair trade facilities from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. It is easy if you try… just visit ImagiPlay. They make beautiful, clever wooden toys for infants, toddlers, and children. My infant and preschooler tried out a few of their new imaginative playthings: EarthWorm Grasping Toy, Rolling Snail Shape Sorter Pull Toy, and Backyard Buddy … Read entire article »

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Learning, Imagination and Play Fit Together

ImagiPLAY makes delightful, colorful, puzzles and toys from rubberwood and non-toxic paints under fair trade conditions. There is an ImagiPLAY Puzzle for every age: two piece puzzles for babies and toddlers, counting and alphabet puzzles for preschoolers, and more complex puzzles for school aged children. My little preschooler enjoys practicing her numbers with ImagiPLAY’s Count Octopus (BabyCenter – $16). Count Octopus is a winner on our Hottest Holiday Toys 2008 Guide. And because these puzzles are as attractive as they are durable, they make a perfect addition to any playroom or child’s bedroom and will be passed down from generation to generation. Another favorite toddler toy from ImagiPLAY is the Push Along Toy Hybrid Car (BabyCenter – $16).  Smooth edges, vivid colors, and large rubber wheels make these push toys easy to grip … Read entire article »

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MonkeyBean Toys Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

MonkeyBean Toys Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

Monkey Bean Toys is one of our Retailers of Toys to Trust. Their selection includes lots of beautiful wooden and plush items, most of which are manufactured in North America or Europe. Just to make sure their toys are safe, Monkey Bean uses a hand-held X-Ray Fluorescence Metal Analyzer (the same model used by the US FDA for frontline screening of heavy metal contamination) to test toys manufactured in China. Click HERE to visit MonkeyBean Toys and … Read entire article »

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